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Dos zorah magdaros quest 5 Times got gem 5 times
I like how they try to stop him just with the wooden barrier lol
Don't forget the frigging toothpicks with a string attached to "restrain" it >_<
Budge catches on fire



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Ready when you are
Out of all the elder dragons, you think this is the one that'll be capable of catching? Where the hell are you even gonna keep that thing?!?!
Whoever put the Ridge part as being common, slap yourself. It's a rare part.
Was there anyone who ever played this game who thought "You know, they might have a shot at catching this guy"?
Yes, the commander!
I thought yes, just because it would be so awesomely unique
I knew that it wouldn't work mainly because more than half the map was still unexplored and that half was through that great and impenetrable rock wall. And guess who's big and mean enough to break through wall? Zorah is Nergigante was a pleasant surprise though
I saw one guy with 14 shiny item pickup in a session. Any idea where to get these? I know they sometime spawn on the ground once you break the cores and fight Nerg but I never find more than 10.
Try using the bandit mantle, the trade in items it drops count
Why is Zorah so different from the other Elder Dragons? Or rather, why are other Elder Dragons so different from Zorah? Pretty much all other Elder Dragons with the exception of Kirin are quadruped, two winged and overall dragon-like, and all of them pretty much behave like regular monsters in how they are fought. Gargantuan, turtle-like Zorah sticks out in scale, scope and power. So awesome is he, that you can not even fight him on a normal level. You have to bombard him with cannons and screw him with a ship, and even that is a mere fleshwound to him. When you fight Zorah, you're not a hunter. You're a pesky mosquito. It honestly makes all other Elder Dragons you fight a bit disappointing in my opinion. The fights are tough, sure, but none of them make you feel as insignificant as Zorah... I want my Elder Dragons less Dark Souls and more Shadow of the Colossus...
Eh... Dude, you must be new here. Ever played a previous Monster Hunter game? Jhen Mohran, for example, doesn't have wings and doesn't really look like a dragon. He's also massive and you need cannons and dragonator to damage him. Yama Tsukami also doesn't look like a dragon at all. There are plenty more.
There was also the Lao Shun Lung, which necessitated a fortress JUST in case it decided to drop by. As well as the Fatalis.
You know the Vale contains the corpse of the dalamadur right? It's a big snake. There was also the ceadeus which is a giant whale like elder dragon. If you ever have time, you could pick up a 3ds or a psp and buy some of these old school MH games to fight these elder dragons. They were quite fun. Or just youtube the fights. A lot of the larger wyverns that are missing here are also a lot of fun.
'sup newfag
incredibly late reply here. If you just mean this game specifically, don't know. If you meant amongst all MH games, there's actually a handful of giant or weird elder dragons. Loa shan lung, yama tsukami, and dalamander are good examples of this.
What if Xeno'jiiva grows up to be Zorah Magdaros?
They look nothing alike, it makes no sense...
They are elder dragons
gonna need the dragonator again...
Volcanoros from dragon island is like zorah