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i think you always get 2 for killing the "body" of angels in the ringed city
Not sure if it's only me, but I often find 4 twinkies in Ariandel; there are actually 2 lizards behind illusionary wall leading to Dunnel, second one is just to the right when you enter the room.
"Picklepum the Crow". No, no. That no Pickle Pee. That no Pump-a-Rum.
Pump-a-rum! Pump-a-rum!
if u drop a whole bundle of prism stone it wont work u got to drop only one prism stone to have the twinky
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With the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +3 you can farm the infinite-respawning knight at the second Archdragon Peak Bonfire for 5,400 souls. Every 3 kills buys you one Twinkling titanite from the Shrine Handmaiden. With the Dragon Tooth I can kill him once every 30 seconds indefinitely, so thats a Twinkling titanite every 1 minute and 30 seconds.



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Could be sped up in a couple of ways. Shield of Want, CSSR +3, Symbol of Avarice and Mendicant's Staff all stack multiplicatively, resulting in 291.65% souls gained. In NG the Drakeblood Knights summoned give 4,000 souls per kill, which becomes 11,666 souls per kill with the previously mentioned items, which with your 30 second kill time means 23,332 per minute. This isn't the best farming though, as 50,000 a minute is achievable in Lothric castle on NG by stacking all the soul boosting items and using Soul Stream to kill both knights near the bonfire. ~66,000 per minute can be gained from the Grand Archives ascended winged knights on NG with all the boosts, they're also really easy to backstab and are rapportable. Souls gained can also be boosted a lot by playing in a higher NG cycle.
Just run the first few floors of grand archives, I get around about 80k per run with farming gear without it taking more than about 5 mins
with only base silver serpent ring and head of avarice you get 6,600 souls per knight kill
You do realise you can only buy 3 off her right?
There are two crystal lizards leading to dunnel in ashes and both drop twinkling titanite
if you can't get to Archdragon Peak yet, fight Hobbled Clerics in the Ringed City. It can take some time but they definitely drop Twinkling titanite.
isn't Archdragon Peak a little harder to reach than the Ringed City? You'd have to beat 2 of friede's phases, as opposed to beating oceiros
^ No, if you’re at kiln of the first flame you can teleport straight there
There’s a 4th one in the painted world, after the first incouter with the Great Wolf, just around the cliff side you’ll see a tower with Greatbow archers in it, ascend the tower, climb the ladder and then go down the set of stairs just to the left and there will be a crystal lizard that drops 1x Twinkling titanite. (:
Twinking titanite