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I'm seeing cod playing Osiris as a possibility with this weapon and possibly a curved sword in left hand for parrying or a whip depending. Any armor suggestions for it?
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No one use this weapon in pvp and I am determined to get this weapon and use it in pvp


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I do lol! :)
i do it too
not as the main weapon no, but some will use it when the opponent is using his shield too often. Not to shield break but to do at least some damage hitting on that thing.
In Dark souls 2 axes were quiet good with the r2 wakeup and combo finisher.
The regular R2 is weak doesnt combo has ***** range and no speed.
You either 100% depend on the r1 (wich are good for roll catching but easy to parry)
Or make yourself dependant on thefocus points and timer on youre warcry for a flashy, but predictable attack wich is good at closing distances.
also bandit axe battle axe and man serpent hatchet have the exact same moveset and damage except the man serpent hatchet has more range and pierces shield`s.
pls people stop comparing Dark Souls 1 and 3 with this...rather "distant cousin" of the SoulsBorne series. DS2 here and DS2 that. Truth is without the Miyazaki DLCs nobody would play it anymore.
RIP means rest in piece you saying RIP in piece makes you sound like an idiot
What are you talking about? Miyazaki had nothing to do with the Dark Souls 2 DLCs.
How is Dark Souls 2 a distant cousin when the plot itself is carried from DS2? Even the Ringed City DLC is heavily influenced off of the Dark granting comfort to humans as they did in DS2.

But of course, most people dislike DS2 because "Wahhh, it's nothing like DS1! Wahhh" rather than giving factual objections on why it's distant. Besides, DS3 is more***** than DS2 is man, stop groping Miyazaki. His days of good writing ended when he released this piece of***** game known as Dark Souls 3.
Whether you like dark souls 2 or hate it, trying to compare it to 3 from a weapon animation standpoint isn't possible. 3 and 2 are wayyyyy different so obviously the way axes work in 2 isn't going to be how they work in 3
RIP means Rest in Peace and not Rest in Piece btw



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Better than all the other 1H axes in almost every way. Unfortunately it has 0 fasion souls compared to the other axes and if you cared at all about stats you wouldn't be using an axe in the first place. Worthless.
First of all. You're dumb kid.

Second of all fashion is opinion based if you didn't know already know.

Thirdly I like the range on this plus the WA is decent and axes have been buffed.
Personally I dislike the look of most of the axes. I think the Manserpent Hatchet is one of the best looking weapons in the game. I just wish it performed better.
The aesthetics of my very first character was somewhat of a ragged sage build, and I wanted badly crafted looking / barbaric weapons as well. Because of picking up the Immolation Tinder, in the end I rolled with the dark magic spells instead of pyromancy but it was still neat.

after finishing NG though I looked for alternate weapons that I could buff with CMW, and this was one of my first choices :3 worked for my fashion souls.
Very underrated weapon because no one uses it, and you can roll-catch anyone because it's very slightly slower than a regular axe and has a deceptively long range
How in the hell is this a hatchet? This is clearly a sickle! Come on From get it together!
I'm so sick and tired of comments like this. I understand that the misnomers irk people, but they're really never gonna get it right. At this point, they're making fun of us; just take a look at the Splitleaf "Greatsword." Let's all agree to let them make their cool-ass weapons, & let glaives be called halberds & sickles be called hatchets.


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Larger sickle swords like this, with the edge on the inside, with center of mass far from the handle (plus flared point) are much more effective at chopping than cutting.
They categorize weapons based on their MOVESET rather than what the weapon actually is. It's a sickle, but it's called a hatchet to simplify the "which class does this weapon processbelong in?" Proc
B Dex with Sharp not C.
did this get any buff to chaos/dark infusions with the recent patch?
It did. Now it receives B/B scaling for chaos and dark infusions
Thrall Axe = Saw Cleaver
This thing = Transformed Saw Cleaver
1. Thrall Axe has quickstep like a dagger 2. Thrall axe is quite good for chaos/dark infusion as hex/pyro So those weapons don't even fit together combine that with a bloodborne reference. Doesn't even make sense at all.
Can you counter knife user with this thing, or better stick to curved swords?