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So, did anyone else know that the Hollow Infusion increases the scaling in Dex? Not by much, but it's rather interesting.


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imo that weapon flies heavily under the radar.
decent range/attack speed, good damage, pretty good infusionscaling, the ability to break guards with the wa/close spaces.
i love it.
This weapon is apparently hated so much by the community that I have, honestly, in my 300 hour experience playing Dark Souls 3, barely ever met any person using this weapon in PvP. I have maybe met, like, 2 or 3 people in total.
it got nerfed hard I believe
I fought someone using a Glitch were they use the Onix Blade wa and they switched to the follower saber and i instantly got melted,literally
this thing used to be the meta for dark builds but it got nerfed so hard no one uses it anymore completely ignoring that it goes for a dex build not dark so slap a sharp gem on it and get 80 dex and the beast will be back
surprisingly enough, this weapon works even on a pure strength build, gettting 412 AR when 2-handed with 66 strength



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That's bad though, and pretty much every infusable weapon can be viable on any build.
why is the aux for poison set to frost for a poison infusion seems odd
Incompetent editors.
Basically a military sabre. Wore silver mask, clandestine coat / mirrah chestpiece, pale shade gloves, and court sorcerer boots for an 18th century gentlemen cosplay
Really good weapon, miles more useful weapon art than the carthus curved sword. Just takes a bit of skill to use efficiently as with all curved swords as you can't just poise through attacks and trades usually are not in your favor, just know when to attack and when to not, harder than it sounds lol.