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By looking at the prerequisite I wonder... Since we have 12 faith anyway. Maybe using a talisman with force in the left hand to stun melee attackers before casting a sorcery is the way to use this weapon. Since Heysel's Pick got a true combo, it could be it's "kinda true" combo.
I'll test that tomorrow.
This thing doesn't even know what it wants to be. It's a straight sword that also functions as a sorcery catalyst that doesn't require Intelligence but requires 12 Faith that scales "meh" with Intelligence and its Weapon Art is slightly more useful than Neck Swipe. It's ugly as hell with a bent blade to boot.
Somebody's never hit a neck swipe before...
Hey I am trying to help my friend with his pryo build, and was wondering if this buff his pyromancy.
No. This uses sorceries, not pyromancies.

The best option for your buddy in the long run is the Demons Scar if you have the Ringed City. If you have AoA, he might want the Parting Pyromancy Flame. Other than that, the only real option is the stock flame.
Pyromania Flame +4 Great Swamp Ring in the swamp near the big crab in Cruxifiction Woods, Witchs Ring in Smouldering Lake, Fire Clutch Ring from the Undead Settlement and the Chloranthy ring for stamina boost. Wear light armour for under 30% light rolling and you should be good to go...
Oh wait... Saint bell vine has the effect of Sage Ring... it's in cleansing Chapel..

So what you want to do is have his vitality for equipment load at about 18 wear light armor, use pyro Flame on the right hand if he is just using spells...., have his Faith and Intelligence at 25 and his HP at maybe 840?? Don't... How low a level you want to be ... have him get the Great Heal from the dead man grub in Irithyll down below the lake, if you warp to the first bonfire after Wolnir you will see a drop down there is a couple these squid looking things... You will have to go through Central Irithylll first and then make your way through the small lake and to the back of this around, to get the Great Heal spell...
INT/FAITH at 30/40 Have him get the Dark Pyromancies and have him use Profane Flame to force players to roll, and then tank the dude with a 2H sword.. ebay, oh and don't use target lock either... that or use parry dagger on the left and dagger on the right and fish for Frits... But yeah, use Great Chaos Fireball and shoot these without target lock on and free aim the Fireball ..
Does this pretty much allow you to cast magic even if your build isn't a casting build?
depends if you have the correct int for a spell
no, it doesnt buff your int or lower requirements for spells
the faith is only needed if you want to use the weapon art, damage isn't affected
Spell buff is affected by faith stat on this weapon, it wont scale past the base faith requirement but without it your spell buff will be severely nerfed.
The spell buff will be severed only for dark spells!
I've been using this thing from day 1 with a crossbow and have been seeing more success than any other mage build besides heysel pick. Straightswords true combo into crossbow fire, giving you better damage than two regular r1s with this weapon. With exploding bolts and homing soulmass, you can free-aim at the opponent's feet with the crossbow [stunning them with the explosion] and then let all the orbs hit them for max damage. TYou can also use spells like Affinity to bait rolls and rollcatch with exploding bolts AND in some situations, the affinity will come back to hit them after getting stunned. I swapped affinity for crystal hail later bc most pvpers use the same dodge pattern for crystal hail, making it easier to predict their rolls. It's no different than playing sword + c.bow, just with added pressure of homing soulmass and affinity to prevent passivity. You can even use regen with the saint-tree bellvine...
When using farren flash sword with this, both blade hit. Does anyone know if this is a great way to use FFS because you would get both magic from the spell as well as the candle sticks damage every time?
Tested it on firekeeper, level 31, int 24, cleric’s Candlestick +2. The R1 damage is 89, the spell+blade (?) damage is 80
stop abusing waifu
I wish this weapon's melee damage scaled from faith while spells scaled from int
Can u buff this wapon with the magic wapon spell?


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"Cannot be infused or buffed." It says on the page.