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I have the required stats to use it but it won't let me equip it
Do you have two slots available?
You need 2 attunement slots
good thing literally everyone only ever use and expect this spell makes them face roll right into great chaos orb because they were expecting to get hit like a second earlier + once people realize you use great chaos, then they suddenly become very eager to punish, I.E having black combustion thingymading ready as the immediate other spell, means u can double punish.
I'm sorry, it looks like you were trying to say something in English but then smashed your face against the keyboard and produced this abortion of a run-on sentence.
Yeah let's make this spell combo into any R1 in the game in PvP...genius decision Miyazaki. Who doesn't like getting combo'd for 1000 damage.
Does this spell scale with int or faith?
Both 50 in each stat makes this do damage
Needs a nerf. I mean the thing is giant idk why it say's "small hitbox" when even 1m away it'll still catch you.
The most over spammed Pyromancy second to this black serpent. just roll bois. People actually need to combo and not just throw these every four seconds. Git Gud pyro scrubs
I mean people were asking for an easy difficulty option...
Funny enough pyromancy is easy mode even without this spell. So...very easy mode then?