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Does dexterity reduce also miracle casting time?
It has a hard cap at lvl 99, oh rlly?
So if I have 20 dexterity and I wear a sage ring that virtually gives +30 for spell casting, there is no point in getting the sage ring +1 or +2?
the +2 ring still increases cast time since the actual hard cap is 99, but the +2 ring will put you just above the middle cap.

you could use the +2 ring and put 10 points into something else, unless you need the dex for a weapon or something.
get 15 dex + sage ring. it's the spell cast speed cap
Both the people posting before me are wrong for future reference. The hard cap for casting speed is 50, so to hit the cap you need the Sage ring for 20 dex, Sage Ring +1 for 15 dex, and Sage Ring +2 for 10 dex. Anything above 50 dex won't change your casting speed.
Does this mean that if wearing sage ring +2 and have 50 dex the spell casting speed reduction won't stack
how do you get higher dexterity?
Im not even going to *****ing answer this. Jesus christ.
get broken sword to +10
Well, did you figure it out?
you git gud, scrubbers...
You need to kill the shrine maiden with a +10 Blood infused washing pole. If she keeps coming bakc just keep killing her and ignore her dialogue.



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oh my god
I hope you traded your game in immediately after writing this
Shot web
For the guys nagging that it is weird that strength weapons reach requitements of 50 str while dex reach 28 you can 2H the 50 str well below 28 str while you cannot 2H a weapon to gain dex so that's completely normal
Not true. Minimum requirement for two handing a 50str required weapon is 34 str.
I'm new to DS figuring it out as I go,but this may sound ignorant but is the only way to increase roll speed and reaction time based on endurance and weight or does Dex play a part with that as well?



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Dex has no effect on endurance or roll speed. Your equipment load WILL however affect run speed, roll speed, and walk speed. 30% or less: fast, 30% to 70%: medium, 70% or more: slow, esp roll, >100% no roll, walk only. I don't think "reaction time" is a thing


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Desviper is correct on some parts, in reality equip load will only effect animations for walking and running, with the speed being the same. The i-frames for rolling are the same for 70% and below but 30% and lower has longer distance rolls, equip load also plays a part in stamina regeneration for each load, with 30% and lower offering the highest natural stamina recovery. At 70% and above stamina regen suffers a harsher penalty and rolling takes longer and offers less i-frames as well as the shortest distance rolled. Keep in mind this is for Dark Souls 3, on Dark souls 1 Desviper is correct on all accounts.


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Ah, I forgot to mention, for Dark souls 1 the break points for equip load are different, 25%, 50%, 100%. although their are also smaller breakpoints that affect it, but are minimal changes
Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention. Now, answer as quickly as you can.
Isn't the casting speed cap at 45? Why does it state it's 50?
45 was in Dark Souls 1, in Dark Souls 3 it is 50.
Every time someone's tested it out, it's always a number between 40 and 50. There have been at least two videos and several threads around the web with the same result. The problem is that no one's bothered to test whether 45 and 50 dex share the same casting speed for whatever reason.
this article should be updated to include frayed blade, which requires 40 dex
It does
It just occurred to me that the icon for dexterity is a left hand which is ironic because the word dexterity comes from the latin word dexter which translates to right.
Nice catch on that.

That's real interesting though
Well the primary population of the world is right-handed, so maybe each increase in dexterity is just a step closer to ambidexterity, or the ability to use both hands with equal skill.
Ironic and sinister...
Lol Sinister!! I caught that
Spell cast speed is correct at 50 dex.

How I tested: note* tested up to 48 dex but skipped 49 dex

45 dex spam GHSA, you will hear the spell cast sound on every cast

50 dex: spam GHSA, the spell cast sound is absent every 2nd cast

GHSA= great heavy soul arrow
Also, 20 dex + sage ring = spell cap, not 15 dex
Is there any difference in frames, though?