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I was in the middle of making my way around when it suddenly died on its own...I think it fell off a ledge!
Just happened to me lol
First time I traversed the path to do the plunging attack and he is stuck on a wall far away :c
I was climbing up the ladder leading up to the scaffolding that eventually leads to the plunging attack ledge when its health instantly went to zero and died lmao. Wtf happened?
It was probably the chain axe dude, he has an impressive reach
Perhaps he fell through the floor and died. That happens quite a lot in DS3. You often get souls for "nothing" just by walking and standing around and this is why. You can even see enemies glitch out occasionally like in Irithyll where in the dark chamber the first hollow you encounter is almost always inside the wall below where he should be standing and hitting him there will cause him to drop off the world entirely and die.
Just happened to me as well. I've made my way to the top of the tower with the giant axe wielding guy, was about to kill him when suddenly "heir of fire destroyed" showed up.
I'm disappointed that a freaking ancient wyvern can be one shoted with a falling plunge from any weapon. I shall try to go toe to talon with this majestic beast. Hmmmmm.....
I've done this once with a sorcerer. The main problem with fighting him in the usual fashion is that most of the time you effectively NEED spells to hit him where it actually hurts. Hitting his legs (no matter what part of them) does miniscule damage and he has a lot of health. His attack hitboxes are also bollocks so it's likely you'll get hit quite a few times even though you clearly avoided the stomps and sweeps. He's as much as a gimmick boss as Wolnir although with no time limit.
I killed him with irythill straight sword +5 attacking his head when he lowered it. No spells aside from healing.
Did this series ever had real dragons??? :\
There's the covenant dragon in the original Dark Souls that is the real deal with no excuses attached.
Kalameet from DS1 Artorious DLC is the best dragon fight in the series and a top 5 boss in all the games for me.
Anything wrong about Midir?
Does this boss feel out of place to anyone? I have a theory that, at one point in development, this boss was going to have a corresponding dragon covenant where players could invade players that attempted to fight this dragon. Invaders would have to stop hosts from reaching the wyvern's head, and would recieve a dragon scale or something for fulfilling their duty. This boss feels really underdeveloped, though, so I might be giving From too much credit.



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The whole trip up to the plunging ledge is a nightmare gauntlet with all those snakes patrolling the place, especially the huge freak with the chain-axe. Save yourself lots of needless anguish and use Hidden Body and Spook/Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring; going ninja is the best strategy here.
This thing dies pretty quick with Sunlight Spear in particular if you just keep ramming it into his gut. Killed him with a sorcerer in a similar way too so there's at least a few ways besides bashing his head or using the plunge gimmick to kill him.


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i try to hit the toe and only deal a little tiny cute damage. and then i read that the dragon has standard, strike and slash resistant. hmm.. good job dragon.



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Since NG that got frustrated because beat him by plung atack.. now on NG+ , I notice that staying below is neck is a good bet. Only take damage from jumps ( 25% or less ). Sometime is just walk one or 2 squares to adjust position. Used a Vordt's Great Hammer +5 ( not so easy get all the hits but take things ) but it's a safe spot. They could install a bonfire there ^^
W h a t
First: what? You aren't supposed to fight it, you're supposed to reach the ledge and instakill it. You wasted a lot of time for yourself, but if you find that fun, whatever. It's not as interesting, imo, but you do you. Second: they could install a bonfire, but they did not. What's that have to do with the rest of your comment?
It's possible to beat it in fair combat. It's possible to beat Yhorm without Storm Ruler. It's possible to beat any boss without cheesing with summons... It's up to you what will give you best satisfaction. Saying "you aren't supposed to fight it" is just wrong.