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where do i find micholas


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You need to travel through the nightmare of mensis and through Mergo’s lofts until you reach the room with the kids. Keep going and there should be
it's basical try and error. you need to run a certain path or he will keep running.
it sure has alot from the imagery of "Brotherhood of the Wolf" but "Priest" too I think. The capes, the hats....I swear it even has a sawcleaver in it.
I usually go to level 90 in souls games is 90 to 100 the average range?
Level 120 is usually the maximum range


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the map is really helpful... tnx for making it m8
Yo lads I am level 70 can I play with a level 20 player


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No, the lowest you can go is 36 or you can use a password.
Hi, Can I use my old bloodborne save file if i bought the game of the year edition or would I have to start a new game?


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i believe if you upload your save data, and then on the new game, download that save data, you should be fine.
Is anyone near mergos wetnurse and is willing to help.
The wet nurse has several attacks. One is a giant swipe from its left to right, which launches you in the air. Another one is a swoops in on you from the sword rising upward with all arms at you, and a vertical attack where it strikes down. It will try to vanish; just turn the camera quickly so that you spot it in time, and attacking, but keep wtahc for those moves when the the he starts moving Another attack to REALLY watch out for is when it casts a cloudy mist closing off your vision, and disappears. Further along the line it will appear and attack you and it will clone itself , so you'll have to dodge two of them doing the same thing, but they do it consecutively. Dodge this in time and keep up your moves and you should be good.
Hi, i've got a little problem with the search button. When i write the thing to search, and i press enter, in the page appears an empty page with at the top of the page "Search Results". It appens with this Bloodborne wiki ... Am i doing something wrong? Or is there something wrong with the wikia?
Same. No matter what I search I get no results. I can't figure out why.
Bloodborne invade experience: Made fancy build for Cainhurst invasions, wait for 30 min/hour. Got gank - I don't mind. But for god's sake - guy almost oneshoted me with bma evelyn while I was dodging - he just didn't give a***** and shot me in middle of my dodge dealing 80% hp damage and finished me with chikage swing while I was still stagered. Another invasion - got 3 people gank and again one of them bma shot me in back. Am I that "lucky" or during invasions in bloodborne no fun allowed - only lag, meta builds and oneshots?
Hey, can you tell me why I do not have small bell at fountain? I have all of the requirements but it is not there.