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anyone want to farm pale tongue? I dont have the covenat to get the vertebra but i can die for you as a red phantom and you get the pale tongue. In exchange you die as a mad spirit and i get the vertebra suckle . stickantenna nickname ps4
Anyone who wants to farm these? I will help you, too. Steam: huiz (the one with the Dark Souls avatar)
Good timing. I need this too. I'll send a steam request. Name is Crimson with a black and white photo.
If anyone need these I also need them add me on psn: joe21r
In need of shackles, and willing to help others get these. psn: funky-chief
Hi, coule use some help farming these ! Also willing To give some in exchange. Feel free To add me : psn : matvgarcia
psn bhany
Anyone willing enough to help me farm 24 of these? PSN: Enzouke
Hey mate, still looking to boost these? I need 20 as well. Psn moi_on_the_rock
need help on steam and will help back. steam ID: 13joao (hollow knight avatar)
If anyone is willing to help with these I will return the favour psn UltimateHughes
I’ll help spice281988
If you still need help farming these I can help. I need to farm 29 of them myself psn: LordDewberg
Demonicviking psn “Help me, Help you”