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"Medium Set"
God this set looks like trash
Exactly the point
Yeah, looks dumb. What were they thinking?
The devs didn't initially expect to release it anyway as it was cut content. The overwhelmingly positive response lead to much cut stuff being placed in the slightly unanticipated DLC.
I'm too soft when it comes to killing Giants since they are on the verge of going extinct..
People complaining a***** ton about this set forgetting the fact that it's not really meant to be worn by a human or pygmy and is meant for gough.
Only good looking armor in the game!
I will never own this armor set, I just like the guy way too much.
A quick way to not suffer a lot, its killing him just before starting a new ng+
He was like "thanks dude for for giving bro Artorias death in battle. blablabla". But when i hit him on his stupid head with my halberd he by some reason didn't find that experience honorable and liberating.