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Chaos+10 only gives me C/D/B/B scaling. Anyone knows why?
Probably just bad info in the tables as usual. If you look at the Chaos table it even gives different information than the main table. The Chaos table is even more likely to be wrong since it says D/C/B/B when it should be C/D/whatever unless FROM is even more bonkers than usual.
Chaos gave me B/D/A/A


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Zodd the Immortal's sword from Berserk (Golden Age Arc) - anyone?
nah. Inuyasha's Tessaiga, ma bro.
**********dark infusion**********
this was my main wep when i started this game 3 years ago. looked cool, scaled well with str. little did i know how good it was


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Is the scaling correct for sharp and refined? I mean C/C for the specialist and B/B for quality seems a bit odd.
No, if you check the specific tables most of them don't match up to the 'max' table even for scalings, needs fixing!