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It should be noted that the Belfry Gargoyles completely ignore the "yearn" spell and "alluring skulls" (because that would make too much sense), so don't waste an attunement slot on that spell.
Where do you use the bonfire asctetic at?
Belfry Luna, After the boss
The best tip is to go slow. Wait for an opening on a single gargoyle and take a single hit. Then back right off.
Weird A.I. on these guys. They'll chase you down but prefer counter-attacking over attacking you while you heal. Ran to a corner to heal and every-time there'd be at least one or two of these guys just standing around right next to me just letting me heal and do zero attacking.
Good guy gargoyles
Nice guys
Lmao you all suck, just get the dragon rider twinblade and go to town on every gargoyle, they all dir effortlessly, I have 50 str and 20 dex with no INT or FAITH, speaking of the weapon doesnt even scale with the last 2. Dragon rider weapons are OP in general on the whole game.
Yeah, people **** suck for not using the exact same build and being overleveled for this boss.
You're so good bro. Teach me
“Hey, you know those Ruin Sentinels? yeah, everyone’s gonna find them too easy, since we only stuffed a dozen and a half adds in close-quarters before their boss room, so here’s an even more EXTREEEEEME idea, let’s put double the enemies in both amount and bullsh*tery as the bosses of a PvP hellhole” -Tomohiro Shibuya
"Hey hey hey GIT GUD CASUL" -me
Easiest boss of all time in my opinion. I wasted thes MF' s in 5 minutes flat spamming spells at them.
Using. Spell. Isn't. Challenging. filthy casual
Agree. I beat this boss the first time in with only a mace
Pick the trusty and thick greatsword, electrify it and take each one of them down in 2 or 3 hits
I was looking for a nice NPC to help me out but couldn't find one. Is there one in the area?