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Literally just got banned because my power went out in my house now I have yo play 10 hours just to pvp again. This is honestly the most ridiculous thing. I got banned twice before too because of my internet acting up and lagging out of games. This really just kills the game for me it really does. Like now I'm never gonna get on this game for another year or so probably.
Get gud internet scrub
Lol good, laggy scrubs ruin online play


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Good riddance. As if client sync wasn't already enough to throw off all my own dumb low skill actions in multiplayer, playing with people who are lagging about is several magnitudes worse. I personally like the challenge of getting invaded, but consider the possibility that you've been softbanned because trying to defend oneself from a teleporting jerk/lagswitcher would ruin anyone's experience- invader or otherwise. It sucks that a power outage was the last straw, but I'm comforted by the fact that people with garbage connections get eliminated from the play pool.
The complete "banning system" is just great joke in this game.
Shut the ***** up. It's better than anything you could ever hope for, whiny little twat.
But he's correct. Why are you so upset lol



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Dunno why people get so defensive over stuff here and just on the internet in general. Most wholesome comments are ones on ***** sites at this point, think that says something
Yeah this banning system is terrible, it barely even works 90% of the time and can be easily regained. Also the Softban system is even worse, but IDK if this is tied to that.
So that is what it is for.I thought it just was there for nothing.
So I found out that if you put the circlet on your characters *****, it lets you shoot Way of White Corona's without spending focus. However, the charge up time takes between five to thirty minutes, and you can only do it once or twice an hour. Still, amazing power!
Sounds fun I must try this out
Turned off auto shutdown on PS4 and left my game running in offline mode over night. WoW Circlet was in my inventory the next day.
i dont get it
if you get banned for rage quitting this will remove the ban. If you use the one that you start the game with, another one will show up in your inventory after about 15 hours of playing. During that time you cannot interact with other players at all.
if you get band you get a second chance
Yeah just use the item and then if you get banned agian head back to the very start and wait for the circlet to respawm and pop it
So question is there anyway to check your penalties? I've been d/c'd from game worlds before just randomly and want to know if i've accumulated any.
I agree.
reading these comments are making my cholesterol levels skyrocket