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does the counter reset ever? or is it just accumulative once entering that area?


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The counter on soft humanity does not reset until you complete the game. Only 10 can be gotten per valid area per play-through.
Didn't get any from the fat guy in Firelink shrine, Petrus.

Bug or is it a changed in the remastered?
Should still be 2 soft humanity, I just did it myself.
"Note: The boss(es) do not have to be alive to farm Painting Guardians" Killed around 55 Painting Guardians, with fatso and friend dead (Remastered) and no humanity.
I feel like you are confirming the entry. Perhaps I misunderstand you.
What about the undead merchant? Or velka?
the undead merchant is undead so he doesnt give humanity and velka isnt in the first game
I've followed the killing enemies formula for the Undead Burg. I've kept a list of each enemy type killed as I went along. The 1st round did add up to 100 "soft" points towards a humanity, but I had to get 153 total points for the 2nd humanity, and then a total 294 points towards the 3rd humanity. Am I doing something wrong or is this system not accurate?
Naw, you aren't doing anything wrong, this is part of the mechanics of the game. As long as you haven't defeated the main boss of the area, the game allows you to obtain up to 10 "liquid humanity" (humanity that appears in the counter) in each major area of the game. For every humanity acquired this way, the point counter resets to 0, and you must acquire more "soft" points than was necessary for the previous humanity reward. There's information out there with the exact numbers, but if I remember correctly the counter can go as high as 1100 pts or more for the last few humanity rewards. Depending on where you are, this can take an EXTREMELY long time (Undead Berg especially, given the low point value of enemies here), so in areas with lower level enemies, the most I would go for is 5 unless you really don't mind taking your sweet time that early in the game lol. One of the best places to do this for me was Sen's Fortress (at the top, after you've kindled the bonfire near the Bomb Giant). There's a Berenike Knight (The big black knight) that responds up the stairs and straight ahead from the bonfire. IF you can kill him in a rather quick way, this is an EXCELLENT opportunity to gain some liquid humanity because it's worth 20 points. By this time I upgraded my pyromancy flame almost all of the way, so I was able to run to him, kill him with 2-3 fireballs, then dash back to the bonfire. It takes about 30-60 seconds, and can be done indefinitely until you get the amount that you want. I called it quits after gaining 6 or 7 liquid humanity this way. Remember, this can be done in ANY major area that has a boss, as long as you haven't killed the boss first! Good luck