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Good for a Musashi Miyamoto (or Miyamoto Musashi) cosplay...
Paired with the Black Knight Shield, it's an awesome PVP Setup and perhaps the best Katana. Just constantly switch between aggressive and defensive playstyle and force your oponent to play in your favor. Landing the WA + R1 Combo easily deals 500-700 dmg. Never dual-wield it (outside invasions), the additional moves and WA L1 Combo are not worth the benefits of the shield. The WA is far easier to land when your enemy is forced to play aggressive to deal chip damage.
Lol! Katana ez mode. You don't believe me? Try it. I just equipped this for the 1st time yesterday and it was SO easy to use and win with... Like, retardedly ez. Wins skyrocketed. That WA is just too much.
Uh what, I’ve 1v1ed against this many times in 2018 and I’m not trying to boast but I’ve never lost.
ooo-née-keer-e and ooo-bah-dah-chee
the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blades. They hit like nukes
innapropes dude
I call this one the NAGASAKI RUMBLE
what made you think writing this on a japanese game was in any way acceptable
scales with A at +3 sharp your table is wrong
These are my fav. weapons in the game, But what is the best infusion? Chaos, lightning, or Blood? Pls tell me.
Sharp or Refined. Elemental infusions usually aren't great. Lightning for this weapon is ok (not great, just ok). Same for crystal.
For PvE definitivly Hollow too capitalize on that sweat extra damage bleed gives. With carthus rouge a boss killer.
These guys are wrong use dark 25 dex 30 faith 30 int
I'm using this on a hollow build with a carthus greatsword in the off hand, with claw alongside it for parrying, and it STOMPS. Onikiri has 3 hits on the l1 which means you get 6 for hitting the l1 twice, and true combos into r1 then r2 totaling to 8, and the carthus greatsword being a gs is big boisey enough to not only have the reach on the off hand, but it's able to crowd control,because they're hollow infused though I can buff my off hand, and main. 27 dex rn using Hunter's ring, and I'm also hollow with 23 luck. When I'm not buffing my damage for off hand is 249, and main is 209, and when buffing add 100/150 depending on resin/bundle. I'm lvl 37 currently, and see myself having 40 luck by Irythll. Also occasionally swap the oni with the carthus sword since also got that hollow infused really good since its r1 spam is fast. Also cheesing with a chain, and two plus rings.
I think the double dual builds are cool, just making a hollow build with onikiri (or warden twinblades) on the right and crow talons on the left, to make parry, and switching to both duals as your pleasure, both hollow to take 10 plus luck, it's risky but if you have the ability it's an orgasmic gameplay
This thing wrecks *** on ng+ on 40/40/40 dex/int/fth with chaos or dark infusion.
It gets about the same AR with a 60/30/30 Dark infusion, which means, you can also rock Frayed Blade if you got it. Become the ultimate weeb!
oh man,this is the strongest pve melee weapon i have used,40/60 dex/fth is enough to make the game too easy