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Yet ANOTHER boss that's a roll spam+r1 fest. Not even going to bother killing this guy, I'm done with this game. Whatever happened to build variety?
Sure, I could leave the Company of Champions and steamroll the boss, but I beat the entire game and the DLC's while in it. I'd rather just not beat him than leave it.
You should explain a bit more since almost every souls boss can be considered a "r1 spam fest". You mad since YOU probably r spammed too? Maybe it's your build.
oh? you'd have liked a Moonlight Butterfly or a Bed of Chaos copy instead?
Without a slightest doubt, 1 of the BEST most legendary boss fights in the entire fricken game. OH YEAH!!
Someone should not that you can one-shot him if lured to a portal when a Loyce Knight is closing it. He gets stuck in it and dies directly.
Just taking a time out to say... that once again, like with many things in life for me, this stupid game doesn’t do for me what it’s supposed to do for everyone else (as also happened with fume knight)

I know I’m not good, so I’ve died plenty. Finally went to try the red eye ring approach

Was standing right near the guys. They were all fighting each other as I stood there with my double shields. Then one new guy attacked from behind them I got gang beat

It's Griffith. Once a great knight now the incarnation of the Old Chaos (the Godhand in Berserk). Eleum Loyce itself is a huge homage to Midlands capital, Wyndham with Alsanna as Charlotte, the princess. It's like beeing teleported into the manga. Surreal favorite place in all Souls games!
This entire dlc is nothing like anything in Berserk. How is the Ivory King and Alsanna Griffith and Charlotte? Ivory king and Alsanna actually love(d) each other while Griffith viewed Charlotte as a pawn to further his own goals. Old Chaos has nothing to do with the godhand metaphorically, or literally. Old Chaos is just a representation of mortal folly thinking they can prolong the inevitable to maintain their own power. Godhand is just doing the will of the Idea Of Evil which is just giving reasons for Mankind to understand the world around them.
I can see what you mean even if there are noticeable differences, I too love Berserk and it’s cool to see others comparing other forms of media to it.
I think this boss fight is epic for many reasons, one reason is you have four allies fighting a hoard of foes (six if you use NPC summons) and you’re all (usually) kicking their ***. The first time I fought I slaughtered the knights left and right and was scared when I saw this big *** portal with a bunch of knights almost forming up near it and the king strolling out. The second time I waited for the portals to get frozen and had the scythe knight with me along with the two summons. I got my *** wrecked. Now playing it on new game +++ and it’s even harder. The knights seem to spawn faster and it’s all I can do to run around the arena with a shield and the third dragon ring and cloranthy ring recharging my stamina. TLDR: if you’re fighting this guy be prepared and heal your allies whether it’s using warmth and healing them slowly or one of the grand miracles that’s a healing AoE to heal them to full or close to full. The stones and estus as usual will be your pal and he’s incredibly weak to lighting (and possibly dark???) if you have the Havel magic shield strat focus on stamina recovery, unlike DS1 I think the recovery stacks with rings and the stamina plants. Red eye ring doesn’t work well if you summon the archer guy cause for some reason he’s focused on him. All in all a memorable boss battle amongst a game full of them. Have fun mates!
The Ivory King got his own song by The Aviators. It suits him.
The king and the Loyce Knights are what would have happened if they went somewhere with the silver and black knights story