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if anyone needs help farming these on ps4 sotfs version add Rorgh9
Add me on PS3 for a jolly co op,because I'm willing to help and I feel like I could use the help with Vendrick,so if you're interested,come and help me.I play it only on Friday nights,all Saturday and Sunday morning.If you see me online on work days,it's not me,it's my dad watching YT lol I'll add all you guys that are on PS3.My Online ID is BalkanWarriorAM.Please message me when you send the friend request so I know how you found me lol Just write Jolly Co op or Praise the sun and you'll get a reply as soon as I see it.See ya in Drangleic,and PRAISE THE SUN!!! \0/ !!
Kingpain1233 add aí e me ajuda meu amigo é de 78milhoes kkkk LV 413
Eu sou kingpain1233 não meu amigo escrevi errado kkk
Anyone interested in sun-bro coop on PS3, my SM is 12M and my ign : sidhasa
Add me om xbox one of anyone wants to try and rank up with me in the covenants (SOTFS). Just started NG+, soul memory is 27mil. Can use nave ingraved ring. Gamertag - JTDocRobert9
I just wat to brag that I found 30 of this evil sunlight medals and now I can finally move to NG+, FU falconers! (was farming them in shaded woods, NG, easy 5 kills, approx 200-250 runs)
If you get the ring from straid that absorbs souls you can keep using your sign outside a hopping boss gate like the iron keep without increasing your soul memory outside of the summon range.
Anyone want to help me grind some medals? I only got 8 so far and im too high sl for me to be summoned frequently. My ps3 name is Darkest_Wraith
i could help i'm farming medals too, but im on PC... anyway my SM is 32
I got my medals, thx to everyone who helped. If anyone still needs help though feel free to add me :)
I truly need this, im trying to get them on pc and on ps3, if you could
Looking for partner to farm some on SotFS, PC. SM tier 37, around 5.3M.
Steam username?
Boys if I kill bosses I get medals if I am a sunbro? I'm in ng level 180 , it's hard summon or be summoned , I left only nashandra and aldia
No. If you join someone else's boss fight, or a have sunbro join your boss fight, then you get a medal.
Need help farming. If any want to help tell me.
You have SotFS on Xbox One? My GT is OGAlphalfa and I need help getting the medals too
Steven96587 on Xbox one
Disposed666 on xbox one