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Once again my opinion and experiences on this game (and the first) are different than everyone else’s (see fume knight)

I didn’t think this boss was stupid (nothing SPECIAL, certainly) and thought it was an actually interesting and rewarding fight.

Not since the fume Knight did I feel the need to actually take my time and strategize as opposed to just runnin in guns (smelter hammer) blazin

It was a little more “runnin around in circles trying to separate them” than I would have liked, but otherwise I liked it
**** loser *** glorfied npc invasion
absolute garbage, this fight only exists as a filler so they can say "our dlc has x amount of content". This whole section as no relevance whatsoever for the rest of the dlc.
I don't seem to be able to get them to bleed/poison... which was going to be my strategy to deal with the Havel Monster. :-( Was thus patched for Scholar of the First edition? I'm hitting them with poison knives/arrows and dagger with high nleed/poison stats...
Same Here, just Have thrown 15 poison Dagegensein at cerah nothing Happend....
can't beat them because the grave robber will teleport me to him into an instant kill backstab how do I avoid that attack?
Not sure if you mean he has a far range for backstabs but seems like the obvious answer is don’t put your back to him
What an absolute joke of a boss. Did they run out of money for the DLC or something?
the wiki says that you can't parry Varg but I think that Lobos did so on his Ladel run of the DLCs



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I don't think it's possible to parry a duel handed dragon tooth in the multiplayer, therefore it should be impossible to parry it whilst Varg is holding it. On the other hand, if you think that you can parry him whilst he is carrying it in one hand, you'd be right.
3 on 3 fair fight
The NPCs it gives you are pretty worthless. Although there is a cheese; it is virtually impossible to pull off for most players (myself included). You have to be OP in some regard to get through this. They obviously ran out of time and just stuck something in that area at the last minute in place of the real boss they probably had intended to place there.
This neglects to mention that they are resistant to poison.