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Praise the Sun!
Someone killed Solaire for this ;_;
i just did :( i had to maaan
i saved him from his own cruel fate
Its a dope sword though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I've never been able to bring myself to do it... I always wanna be a true Sun Bro but I can't betray him like that
Yes. Did and see his armor too. He didn't need it anymore afterall. To his credit, his arms and armor have served me more than he has himself. They are, afterall, of solid craft.
Yes I did, and used his armor too.* This damn site lags my phone when I type.
**** solaire

You're just jealous, because you are not so grossly incandescent \o/
We must teach ths guy how to praise the sun
The extra weight unit and having to kill Solaire for it make this a really hard sell when I can have a perfectly good Longsword readily available and without having to kill a dear friend. Sure it has a bit more damage, but is it really worth the price?
Actually yes. Because of the moveset this sword is slightly better than the broadsword making it on par with the Dark Sword for best straight sword in the game. If you missed your chance for the Dark Sword and didn't get to save Solaire then this is the weapon to go with.
Actually no.
Should have never killed soliar