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"208,250" Exp for killing him @ level 21.

Summoned him on the Lady Vengence, with the help of Milady, Jahan, Gareth, and dare I include Tarquin - the fight lasted about 8 rounds. Waited until just leaving Driftwood for Nameless Isle @ level 17
At level 35 (max obtainable in game, going over that resets you to level 1), the Djinn has:

217579 Health
49603 Physical Armor
148809 Magic Armor
How is that level even attainable?
Beat him my first try at level 12.

As soon as you get a chance, teleport him into your group. My group was able to constantly knock him down, turn him into a chicken, knock down, etc over and over and over again. He never got a chance to do anything else once we got a chance to teleport him and take down some physical armor with a few backstabs and attacks.

He regenerates physical armor so make sure you take it out and he is resistant to physical attacks as well. Just keep his physical armor at 0 so you can continually cast chicken and knockdown effects (earthquake, ram, slam, etc)
He doesn't regenerate armor, he has Perseverance which, after being knocked down, will give him a small amount of physical armor.
Most items that you sell to people will not be claimable on their body after killing them. However I just found out that the empty lamp is one of those items that can be taken back. Probably because it's considered a quest item. So if there's someone you plan on killing anyways, you can sell them the lamp first for some easy gold.
Idk what you're on about, pretty much all the uniques and such that I sold was lootable from the various merchants I killed much much later after I sold them the items.
unique item. in fort joy, it was an easy way to save money. sell unique item. buy books, kill trader for refund. the skelleton bro in fort joy was great for this.
I kept the lamp until Arx and got 208250 xp at level 21 when I killed the Djinn.
So what the %^*+ if you get the stolen Djinns gift even if you leave it somewhere on the ground when they search you, you still get caught with it. How do you get rid of this?
Scimitar stats are not as good as those shown above in definitive
150k EXP if you kill him with lvl 20 (@ Arx)
I released him on the bridge leading to the Cathedral in Arx. Then I killed him and all the unnamed Paladins there (as collateral AoE damage) for a whooping 600k exp total. Sadly it's not that much at those levels because it takes around 3M exp for a level up. I think releasing him in Driftwood would be better because back then you needed the levels much more. Act 2 has a huge difficulty jump: level 9 to 16 with many enemies capable of 1HKO a player.