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It's worth to reinforce it? 40 damage for 15 twinking titanite it's too much for me
it gets better scaling too
If you're gonna use it why would you not reinforce? It's not like twinkles are hard to get, just ascetic in certain areas for more. Reinforce everything you use and don't reinforce stuff you won't be using. Simple as that.
intresting to note that it deals more damage if wielded in the left hand and also gets better scaling
R2-L2, repeat!
it's needs faith what is that skull logo?
do the special attacks take extra durribility because I am having durability issues with this and not other weapons(I spam the L2 R2s, so much fun)
Very helpful against invaders, never thought they would get a spinning blade in the stomach.
To anyone saying that this weapon description is proof that artorias is left handed I just want to make it clear that by looking artorias' concept art, armor and the fact that his left arm is broken all point to him being right handed as in the concept art he holds his sword in his right hand, his left arm is more armored like most shield holding arms were, the knight on the cover art is not artorias, why would his left arm having broken holding his shield if hr were left handed, and in the description it clearly says that every last prominent wielder of the weapon was left handed not the original and considering as going by dark souls 2 which takes place so far after the original it would make sense that artorias would fall into obscurity also while this may be a reference and some pandering to fans it should be noted that the iron king did collect weapons so it would make some sense for him to own this even if the weapon description doesn't quite mesh with it.
Just because his left arm is broken doesn’t mean he’s right handed and concept art isn’t canon also they wouldn’t just make a new move set for left hand for nothing
I think the fact he broke his left arm would be more proof that he was left handed
he was left handed, in swordplay you use the better of your arms for defense, his arm was broken from taking a massive blow to his shield (has irl swordplay knowledge as a avid kendo practicioner)
It is very common in fantasy settings for the dominant arm of a sword fighter to be more decorative in regards to custom made armors. The placement of his pauldron is a big indicator of his dominant arm.
the arm with the shield would have less armour. because its holding a shield
It says that everyone that inherited the weapon was left-handed, not that the original owner was. Artorias' armor is symmetrical, except for the cloth on one of his shoulders. In short, Artorias was probably not left-handed.
If you played DkS1, including the DLC, and actually cared for the lore, you would know that Artorias was left handed but his dominant arm was broken during his time in Oolacile and his corruption. But since he was corrupted and not killed by the abyss, as a being relying on instinct, he learned to fight and created his moveset using his right hand to keep on hunting the spawns of the abyss (as evident from his cinematic that starts the fight). There is a reason why in the DLC fight he fights very limp with his sword, its not his dominant hand but was forced to learn. This explains why he uses so many moves that utilizes momentum. MajGS is full physical damage so it is the Abyss Greatsword from Dks1 that has been passed on through generations, even the design is near identical.
your right Artorias was right handed and anybody who says otherwise obviously dose not pay attention and is just trying to make pore Artorias something hes not, his arm was broken because he was surprised by an attack by manuses stretchy arm and blocked it wrong there for breaking his left arm du to the force not being distributed correctly also tell me how Artorias could learn/create a completely new move set in his non dominant hand??? also majestic great sword was passed down from generations are you going to start saying Artorias is a father now? all who inherited it was left handed but not the original who wasn't even in that family to begin with
Someone should tell this other guy "generations" doesn't mean everyone in the same bloodline. It just means it has been passed down from one generation to the next, be it from a knight to his squire or a father to his son, it doesn't matter. And the left-handed note in the item is just a nod to the fact that Artorias wields it with his left hand the same way the main character of Guts did. Artorias is a direct and very intentional reference to that character and though he technically only wielded his weapon the way he did because of an in-game lore reason stating he broke his arm, that doesn't actually change the fact that he was written to be such an incredible swordsman that he was still a dangerous left-handed fighter.
theirs no lore saying hes left handed,if to anything the nod is to the debate its self and notice it never says that artorias him self is left handed? but every one after. also the generations thing still dosent change the fact he has no relation to the people because he never took on a squire or had any children so any lefty's are so by there own means and not because artoias was. tho the idea that he could beat us with his none dominant hand is cool its simply not true and never will be
There is a debate about the legendary warrior Artorias and whether or not he's left handed. He is not… artorias fights you with his right hand and does so very well, so unless he's anbedexturas he is a righty, tho being anbedexturas would make a little sense considering his girlfriend ciaran is anbedexturas, or at least i would assume so considering how she uses dual swords. It is never mentioned that artorias is left handed during the entirety of the AOTA dlc its only known his left arm was destroyed and broken. Manny people say his arm is like this because its his sword arm however how did he manage to hurt himself so badly using a sword he is extremely skilled with? A break as bad as his would have to be caused by a very rookie mistake such as not swinging it properly leaving himself open, or not holding it right so as to distribute the force of impact wrong and causing his arm to shader. The only way he's arm could be like that is if he tried to stab a humanity spirit and his arm went thru and was damaged, but his arm was broken during or very near to the fight with manus so i doubt this. artorias being left handed was not so much as even hinted towards in Dark Souls One which should reinforce the fact that he's right handed. The only thing that actually lends any type of credence toward the left handed thiery is his sword in Dark Souls II which bio seays “An ancient greatsword of unknown origin. This sword was passed down through generations, until it reached Gordin, wandering knight of Forossa, and was lost upon his death. Uncannily, every last one of the prominent swordsmen who inherited this weapon was left-handed.” Artorias did not inherent this weapon it was made for him nor did he have any children. Artorias's sword was found and passed down as a family heirloom type thing and the people in that family were left handed and learned how to mimic his style with their left hands, this doesn't mean artorias was left handed because he is completely unrelated to them. Not to mention the main lore creator of dark souls didn't even work on ds2 so all the lore is a bit out of whack. Some say he is left handed becas you use a shield in your dominant hand however i have looked and found absolutely no proof of this not to mention the disadvantage of a dominant hand holding a shield. Holding your shield in your dominant hand is a waste of strength and makes it harder to attack and go offensive. Holding the shield in your dominant hand can make your blocks even sloppyer considering blocking doesn't require much strength and the sword does, making movement awkward do to having the sword in your off hand that has less strength. Artorias used his shield in his left hand which was his non dominant hand. It is never confirmed exactly how his arm was broken but i just don't see how he could demolish his sword arm like that it makes no sense i think he was surprised by manuses stretchy arm and tried to block last second and it broke his arm. Tho i'd love to think artorios could destroy us using his non dominant hand, it's just not true he's left handed. Artorias is right handed end of story there's more lore pointing to the right hand than the left… especially since there's no lore at all pointing to him being left handed. So in conclusion artorias is NOT left handed and that's that.
Injury to his hand was inflicted because he sacrificed himself by stopping those baddies and protecting the people he was traveling with(apology for not remembering the name of baddies and good people with him)
he was left handed, but his left hand was broken. most warriors are trained to use both hands, and he was no exception. his right hand usually held his shield, but upon being injured he left his shield behind for siff to use


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I seriously hope this is a copypasta, otherwise you've wasted so much time on writing this horrific mess that ultimately proved nothing.
its copypasta