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Idk if any one knows this but the weapon art is op for pve you get infinite poise and reduced damage (while moan is happening) the only thing good against it is multi hit magic and ring knight weapons as well as frayd blade laser try it out
Your Character have to be female on the current Patch (1.09)! On Male Characters the weapon art is silenced :(
I noticed this. I wonder if it's a bug or intentional... probably a bug.
No you just need the youngest voice of the selectable three, for whatever reason
when i got this shield i moaned outloud then told my roblox gf about it and she moaned too
It's so sweet that you call your right hand your gf <3
Try thrust but hole
Haha the shield moans and the face is that of Eygon's sister. Sick.
Magic shield's stability boost is 18. Combined with this beast of a shield's whopping 82, you get exactly 100 stability without going with either the Greatshield of Glory or Great Magic Shield (which requires 18 INT instead of 10 and lasts only half as much). I wonder if this was intended, it's pretty much optimization at its best.