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I've never farmed them yet I've gotten at least 10 pairs of leggings but nothing else from the set ffs
Where can i gind some obsidian. This nether portal wont build itself!
***** off
Would have been cool if it also granted a resistance to demons.
It should be since they faced against demons
Demons deal fire damage. It has good fire resistance. Therefore it already is effective against demons.
The drop rate for the armor pieces is a complete joke. Why can't FROM follow their own lead and just put ALL the "droppable" armors on sale after a certain point in the storyline has passed?
I had all the pieces just laying around on various characters, do you farm at the Untended Graves, with double Crystal Rapier, Mimic Head, coins etc? Or alternatively a luck character for item farming?



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All got all of them from farming the very first Black Knight. It honestly didn't take long. I didn't even use any item discovery boosters.
I got all of the pieces (aside from the gauntlets) unintentionally while farming souls and wolf's blood swordgrass over at Farron Keep Perimeter because I just really enjoyed fighting against the Black Knight. He's good for combat practice imo
Helm sucks, too small
Your head is too small.
Drakeblood helmet would be a good substitute
I'm missing the helmet and gloves
I'll give them to you, I farmed 2 sets in like 10 minutes.
After about 30 kills on this guy I just need helmet and shield. Just wish he gave more souls. Should be at least 2000 not 900!
Are they even worth it!
This and Silver Knight have the same quirk as Nameless vs Elite Knight sets. The skirt that protects your waist changes from being attached to the torso(this one) and the leggings (silver knight). Just an odd thing I noticed.
I noticed this aswell. I guess it's to make the leggings more standard looking by putting the tattered chainmail on the body armour instead so it's less obstrusive if you want to wear the leggings paired with another set. I don't know, it's odd.
i'm not having any luck getting this armor. anyone willing to trade for something else? my gamer tag is Cokecat4785453.
What platform? I have a whole set in 30 min farming in farron keep.
sorry, I sold all my spares lol
What platform? I farmed the whole set in like 5 minutes, I'll give it to you for free.
***** this*****. Five hours. My entire *****ing day spent farmin this set, still not complete. Jesus Christ what a load of*****. Thanks Miyazaki you*****licking piece of*****.
calm down
If it makes you feel any better, this is my first time playing Dark Souls 3 and the second black knight I killed dropped the legs AND the chest. (:
wow someone's salty. At least you're getting souls for it. Though I guess I can't really feel your pain, since I ended up farming this set accidentally when farming for swordgrass.
get a lyfe and git gud.