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Far as I know, she only has hyper armor during one move in phase 1. If she goes invisible, 9/10 times you can rush and stun lock
Quick tip if you’re having trouble with the invisible attacks in the first phase: Throw knives/shoot arrows at her. You can see them while she’s invisible and therefore can track her that way. Just be sure to lodge more in her as they despawn to keep tracking her. Also you get some extra damage too. :)


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Also: just from personal experince, I wouldn’t use greatbows on her. (Unless you’re a total legend.)
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It's mentioned in the comments on another page that Floating Chaos can be used to hit her when she's invisible. If that ever worked, it's been patched out now.
Ubadachi WA stuns her allowing for a follow up combo (most times) in all phases
For Ranged Players: I defeat that freak :v whit my Millwood Greabow +5, just keep charged until she gets close and shoot at her, en 2nd phase, keep distance and shoot his father, at 3th phase when she jump, run again and then shoot her. Is important in phase 1 to keep and eye in the arrow she gets stuck in her body, when she turn invicible you can see her whit you own arrows stuck at her. the just shoot and you will interrupt her critical attack.
I cant defeat her 3rd phase no matter what i do i use the dragon torso stone for armor and sped and for wepons i use black knight sword+3 or irithyll straight sword+5 and shield is ethereal oak shield i have also defeated the twin princes and im level 86 is there something im doing wrong
Use a fast weapon where You can easly get a hit in and keep rolling. She is alsof resistent to frostbite
I use a 8 weight weapon and a 4 weight but its just that her attacks do so much and you dont see mamy openings to heal or attack
Bring an UGS (any of them) and spam WA (I like stomp) and charged heavy attacks. It makes this boss trivial.
Dragon torso stone is awful. It doesn’t count as armor so if you you it you get a damage bonus against you for not having armor.
This fight's pretty easy on higher level builds, especially poise builds. But on SL1 or low SL builds this fight's a nightmare... No matter how beefy your HP is, these gyus wil always find a way to ***** it up
When she turns invisible, all you need to do is listen for her footsteps (at least in Phase 1) If that doesn't work for you, take a good look at the snow dust she pushes aside when side stepping. If it goes up, she's directly behind you, if it goes left she's directly left and so on. She'll be completely staggerable while invisible so take adavantage of the free hits.
in her final phase, strangely when i hit her with "fire based weapon" either infused or buffed she will have burned animation like normal hollow. Is she weak to fire on her final phase?