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Does this Katana scale or get better damage when hollowed or have a certain level of hollowing? I feel like that might be something to consider when using this weapon, since the player character is considered Lord of Hollows and all.



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If you make a luck build you will get increased bleed per strike but that's it. It won't gain any more AR or better scaling. However the bleed build up will be pretty big and that's can give you some heavy burst damage vs most opponent or in PVP.
This katana cannot be infused i.e hollowed.
Londorians seem to use all sorts of builds. Dark, Fth, Int. Bleed. As long as the weapon is dex based. Scythes, Katana, Rapiers...I think even the Astora Greatsword would work. Hammer, axes, curved swords, spears and pyromancies are not so much their style.
If I kill Yuria will I still be able to get "Lord of Hollows" ending? I want to kill her so I don't have to summon her for the SoC boss fight, and I also want to receive Darkdrift.
No, she's the key factor of that ending.
finish your ending first, before starting a new game+ come back to the shrine and kill her
if you kill her after she tells you to wrest the flame from its mantle, you can still get the usurper ending without her.
for nothing can defend from Weeb.
Oi u wot m8?
No surprise here, i`ve never heard something that block cancer.
Any chance this weapon might get nerfed? No? Lol
It should be obvious that this game won't be getting any real patches any more.
Weapon art may be bad, I don't know, but it is damn cool!
This is my favorite katana.
It’s actually extremely useful against great shield turtles that don’t know how to adapt to having their only defense compromised. It’s especially useful against turtles wearing havel’s or other extremely heavy armor, because unless they have their build fully optimized or are high level, then they are likely to fat roll, which is easy to catch with any light weapon.
If you're going to counter a turtle, just use an ugs with the knight slayer ring. Drains their stamina fast, you'll have more reach than this sword, and you'll do more damage. Darkdrift is really not that good of a sword.
At the second anon: That is assuming said turtle isn't using Great Magic Shield on a Greatshield of Glory. Even an UGS with Knightslayer's ring won't get through that
What does those letter form the Parameter Bonus means? Total noob here.
The letters signify how well or unwell that weapon scales with that stat. "S" has the best scaling; then it progressively gets worse from A-E, "E" being the worst. "B" is decent, "A" is good, "S" is great. If you are, for example, wanting to make a faith build then you would generally want to choose weapons with an "S" or "A" scaling in the faith category, or at least a "B". However, some boss weapons may show poor scaling (usually "C" being the highest) at the highest upgrade, yet are still good weapons to use for specific builds.
It's the weapon's Scaling; it shows which stats affect your ATK, i.e. your Parameter Bonus. It's goes: E->D->C->B->A->S, with S giving the highest bonus.



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so i killed that pilgrim at the church (irathyl area) and now she left firelink.
any chances i can get the darkdrift this playthrough?
No, you can only get it from her and she permanently leaves the game



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ng+ just kill her and take her darkrift
i did it on ng because two reasons
1: i wanted that katana
2: i wanted anri to not die
Except Anri does not die as you can see Anri in the ending cutscene in the usurper ending
I kilt the pilgrim and the pontif boss and progressed all the way til first anor londo fire, then went back to firelink and she was still there next to the dead merchant body. Talked to her and she was like im leaving, ur a*****etc, so i killed her and got darkdirk or w/e
trade would have been an option. It's not really a meta weapon so people would have been more than willing to trade it with you. against a twin prince sword almost guaranteed.
What does the last notes and tips even mean?
If you've been summoned as a phantom then you can see through your own character by looking through the blade of the sword. You can try it by looking at yourself through the Darkdrift in someone else's world.
wa combos into r1
One of the most underrated low-level dex weapons. Low stamina consumption (huge at low levels since you have to be tight with your point allocation), hits through shields (which new/low-level players use a lot) plus Shield Splitter for panicking roll catches, pairs well with Carthus Milkring (+3 dex i.e. free levels, invisible rolls with an invisible blade!?), solid damage with ITEM BUFFING and dex focus (Hunter + Milkring + Mercenary starting class = 16 points needed to hit 40), easily accessible early in the game (get your 5 free levels -> kill Yuria, which can be done before you even enter the Undead Settlement), and it's extremely light (3.5 units, the next lightest 5.0). I play around with it and a White Birch Bow (which has the invisible arrow WA, it's light, has the roll shot, and out damages the Composite and Short bow at low level/upgrading).