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My favorite long range weapon that when connects to a target, the recovery is fast. If you miss, recovery is slow so beware!
I shall never forgive my crystal hallberd snifff
Lock-on, control range and make them miss, hit to start stun, hit, hit, hit, they are dead.
how can e repair a Crystal weapon pls
you cant bud, all you can do to fix it is to upgrade it to the next level.


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Get this +5 as soon as possible and make sure you have a few green titanite on you then when your around lvl 30 with a divine weapon make a fast run into the catacombs for vamos. It is highly recommended that you do this run with 10 soft humanity so you can hopefully pick up a skull lantern or 2 on the way. Get to vamos and turn this bad boy into a flaming halberd then homeward bone out (to avoid wheel skeltons) and back fire link then back to the storyline. Once your around SL60 and pretty much ready to handle ornstein and smaug leave anor londo and head to the demon ruins for the large flame ember. At this level it will be very dangerous but with some skill and determination it is doable (ring of fog helps a ton!) If you have ended all black knights so far and got both red titanite chunks in the hollow you can get your flaming halberd to at least +8 when you visit vamos again which is where we are off to next. If you have the gold covetous ring and 10 soft humanity with a bit of farming while your still in the ruins you can get enough for +9. Doing this will make ornstein and smaug battle much simpler with just solair for help. So far 3 for 3 my PC summons kill ornstein first when I'm obviously trying to take down smaug first. Really you can get this to +9 as soon as you have access to the demon ruins if your skilled enough. It will make PvE a breeze for most of your first playthrough.
I tried to quit using the halberd, but it couldn't quit me. 10+ halberd all the waaaayyy
I heart halberd <3
Utterly phenomenal weapon, fantastic in duels and group encounters. Biggest drawback is that it's awkward to use in close quarters, especially group encounters. This is a great weapon, but if you're facing a bunch of dudes in a small room, it's not the right tool for the job.
Wait, the R2 is a 360 spin isn't it ? So should it be great for mobs around you ?
yes, it has 360 spin (double spin if two-handed) but you need a space for it as well :) you'll hit the wall and animation will interrupt.
Best early game weapon.