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He is really weak of Chaos Bed Vestiges. Use it



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This guy turns into an absolute unit at NG+5. At that point you should have a lot of points in both Strength and Dexterity so I highly advise you get the greatswords the Abyss Watcher souls gave you; trust me, you'll need that extra damage.
The WEEB slayer.
Heh...tried crow quills,friedes scythe,CKGS, beat him with chaos blade...LOL WUT?
Really?but i slay hundreds of weabos with my dragon slayer cosplay WEEBS=noobs
why cant the second version of this guy in the ring city kill midir for me???,oh yeah he try's to kill me
With a 60/60 faith/int you can just bully this guy into the ground. Chaos bed vestiges with pyromancy fully maxed out with rings and dusk's crown does an absurd amount of damage.
Dusk crown only works for sorcery.
That’s legit my build but on journey 7 it doesn’t do much
And great chaos fire orb is way stronger than cbv in pve atleast by alot. Filthy No-skill Casuls use vestiges only.
@anon who said dcr only works on sorceries: it works on any cast


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The real danger of this fight: Getting randomly hit by a big ball from the dragons on the sides. Makes the fight extremely RNG and you just don't have time to check both sides all the time.
This poor guy has no ears
Cheesed it with using GSA only. Time your dodges, smack him with your GSAs.
What's a GSA? The Greatsword of Artorias?
great soul arrows?
he keeps *****ing hitting me during my rolls and knocking me off the stage
and then he *****ing oneshots me when i'm at 1300 hp
ate some food and came back and i *****ing beat him woot
Somewhat easy boss if u r using gaels greatsword or wolf k***ht greatsword imo
Yes especially with gael's. I also found him really easy on my SL700 Character on NG
Weak to frost and strike huh? Time to take out Vord's Hammer.