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RE: Fangs. Using HBG Spreadshots and shooting entirely at his face [and nowhere else], even after head breaks + using Legiana 2 piece set [extra rewards] + being on an investigation managed to net me a fang on almost every kill. No clue how a melee user would be able to reliably farm them. It was slow and tedious but I was able to get about 5 per hour.
lance makes farming him pretty trivial. i just stand on his side, poking his head when i can, and his claws if i cant. breaking the claws usually leads to him falling over, for free hits on the head. after the head breaks, it takes alot more damage as well, so i just focus it down for quicker hunts. easily doing 5 minute hunts on tempered vaal with a lance
Its actually 3 pieces of the legiana set to even get the bonus, 2 doesn't cut it.
weird how i dont see anyone commenting or showing off his palico armour set, like who wouldn't want a tiny cat skeleton warrior running around with you? oh and the fight is fine as long as you get something to counter the effluvia, the instant that is not a critical element, you can just go in and attack for almost you heart content.
Meh, it's not adorable enough. At least not the helmet. And idk, even without the effluvia it's not like tempered vaal is a pushover.
Best theme song in the game.
For those trying to get fangs and not sure of if you've broken his head, when it breaks the spine bones where the head and neck meet will be broken off. It will look sort of like a crater.
It all started when a kushala started smoking weed
I'm featuring the Rotten Vale in a DnD oneshot. Here's what I got so far. Note that I don't plan on having them face Raodobann or Great Girnos and its for a level 20 party. It's also gonna be my first time being a DM. Anyways let me know what you think and sorry for the wall of text. Girnos stats! HP: 50 Strength: 11 Dexterity: 12 Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 4 Wisdom: 5 Charisma: 0 Slash: the Girnos slashes at a target, dealing 1d10 slashing damage on a hit. Bite: the Girnos attempts to bite its prey, dealing 1d6 piercing damage on a hit. If hit target must make a Constitution saving throw, if failed target is paralysed for 2 turns. Odogaron stats! HP: 1200 Strength: 19 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 18 Intelligence: 0 Wisdom: 0 Charisma: 0 Resistances: Fire, Water, Poison. Weaknesses: Cold, Paralysis. Bite: the Odogaron attempts to bite for 3d8 piercing damage. Slash: the Odogaron slashes at its prey dealing 4d10 slashing damage on a hit, if hit target must make a Constitution save, if failed, target is now bleeding for 1d10 bleeding damage every turn for 4 turns. Pounce: the Odogaron leaps at it prey, knocking it down on a hit, and deals 3d8 piercing damage until knocked off. Odogaron will continue to attack the pounced party member until it is knocked off, the pounced target succeeds a Strength throw, or the target is dead. Tail Whip: the Odogaron slaps enemies behind it with its tail, dealing 4d6 bludgeoning damage on a hit. Roar: the Odogaron can use its bonus action to roar, all humanoid creatures within 30 feet must make a Constitution saving throw, if a creature fails that creature is stunned until next round. Vaal Hazzak! The Corpse Coat Dragon stats! HP: 3482 Resistances: Lightning, Poison, Sleep, Paralysis. Weaknesses: Fire. Strength: 20 Dexterity: 20 Constitution: 20 Intelligence: 20 Wisdom: 20 Charisma: 0 Effluvium Beam: Vaal Hazzak breaths a beam of pure Effluvium in a 60 degree arc starting from its right. All targets hit make a Constitution saving throw. Targets take 4d20 necrotic damage on a failed throw or half as much on a successful throw. Effluvium Mist: Vaal Hazzak can disperse the Effluvium built up in its body into a mist covering 30 feet surrounding it lasting for 3 turns. Anyone in this mist must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed throw, max HP is cut in half for 5 turns and take 1d6 necrotic damage for every turn they spend in the mist. Effluvium Mist Beam: Vaal Hazzak fires an Effluvium Beam at the ground, dealing 1d20 necrotic damage to anyone caught by it. This attack applies the effects of Effluvium Mist. Effluvium Drain: Vaal Hazzak can drain the Effluvium from any nearby creatures with the status "Effluvium Corruption", healing Vaal Hazzak for 1d12+6 for every creature drained. This move kills any creatures drained. Bite: Vaal Hazzak bites at its target, dealing 2d12 piercing damage on a hit.
Stop taking up half the comment page :(
Pretty cool!
Great minds think alike man. D&D for the win!
Oh the pure evil I am going to commit with this information...
wow. where did you get that info, and Girros only have 50 health? no way.
Odogaron and Vaal have way to much health, the Terrasque only has 676 hp and it's the only monster that is cr 30, give odo like 300, and Vaal 500
the wings do damage when he does a jump attack. THE WINGS! Then I block all of his attacks just fine only to be one shotted by one of his rush moves (I stay behind him!) or his miasma burbs (shield up...). Why exactly when it is 99 times no problem at all? Nobody knows... I can handle him fine now, got everything I need from him but these random sudden deaths totaly out of the blue are a bit annoying tbh.
Insect glaive or dual blades handle him fine. I bounce around the battlefield and rarely get hit. Hes easier than nergigante by a large margin.
*vaal holds infinity gauntlet* "when I snap my fingers, half of your health pool will vanish" … it's an Infinity War reference
Makes a reference and says what it references. Cringe god. Did you read Ready Player One and like it or smth?
Just making sure people know jeez
Use null berries to restore your healthbar.
everybody knows that...


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I personally think vaal and nerg are the easiest of all elder dragons. yeah my thoughts completed
But, seriously: can somebody explain to me, with +50 health, his tail swipe one shot me on tempered? Wtf is up with that?!?!
Your Def and the reward of the tempered monster affect their damage inflicted on you, if you are doing quest with 4 purple rewards, yeah that explains it. Tempered Kirin with 4x purple rewards can also 1 shot you like AT Kirin but he has less HP