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Needs to be updated with new weapons
Ist der kulve auf der Xbox dauerhaft da oder
Out of all the lbg ammo types to use I found slicing to deal yellow damage but low numbers, sticky seemed to be the best ammo to use to dump damage into the monster, ice and lightning deal roughly the same damage amount with white damage, if you use dragon shots wait for kulve to be stunned/laying down and aim at the tip of the skull by the base of the horns - this ammo is great at chewing the horn plating off, and if you use wyvern then wait for kulve to puff its chest out, dash forward and fire and dodge right at the last second with evade extender.
i'm a simple hunter. i see female dragon, i smash
you won't smash anything with 2 inches sword
yeezus this is genius, kudos to u sir
Arch Tempered: Elder dragon weapons and more rarity 8 weapons
Can she be paralyzed?
the list miss strong weapons. like: Taroth-Strongarm "Diablos" strong like the stronges chargeblade(828dmg)(210eis) but have +25def ,2augments
It's not "Diablos" but "Horn" and it's already on the list


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The Stream Gold Katana is missing, just got it in a reward: Rarity 6 - Attack: 462 - Affinity: 0% - Ice: 180 - Defense Bonus: +20
Taroth Blade: Decay - Longsword - 660 damage 210 Dragon +10 armor, +10%crit, 0 sockets
Kinda meh to notice PC dosent have the 14 new Kulve weapons yet =/