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Dark souls has arguably some of the best Rings in the souls series( albeit the Silver-cat ring from three). Ahhhh i wish the fog wall ring and the dark wood grain ring were in the third and second
They are in the game. Example fog wall ring is the obscuring ring
Regen ring, Damage rings, also those troll rings that make you look like fantom/host/human.
Well, since there's only 2 ring slots and like 95% of players would occupy 1 slot with FaP at least for whole NG, there's not much need
Silver cat ring from ds2*
DS2 has arguably the best rings in the series. The only rings that series lack is one that obscures you from afar and one that gives your flip a special animation. But they all lack a ring that can restore spell usage.
Does the remaster not have +1 and +2 Rings?


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do you see any in this list?


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No, there are no upgraded/upgradable rings in the Remaster. The Remaster did not include any extra assets.
What's the point of calmity ring lmfao
It lets you finally feel the sweet release of death
To git gud scrub
to give you a more challenging journey


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I kinda like that there aren't any +1 or +2 rings.
I want three ring slots, 2 is not enough
I want all of these rings!