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blade of the dark moon more like gank of the gankgank please kill me
If im summoned as a dark moon blade once in 5h im sure as hell not gonna care whether you *****ing invaders have a fun time
Maybe you shouldn’t invade if you don’t like defenders doing their job. Either that, or just kill the host before they spawn, or just stop dying. Simple stuff, really
"defenders doing their job". HAHAHAHA, what a joke. They're the first to die,zero and endless supply of estus for invaders
Blue eye orb please from?
Try finger but hole
Before I understood how these things worked (ds3 was my first) I got Summoned like crazy! Now that I understand it and need the covenant rewards I’m just sitting here with a thumb up my bum waiting ☺️
Correction: it appears that you do get the Proof of a Concord Kept reward when invaders die while spawning in and from the environment, at least sometimes. It just doesn't show the "item picked up" message and takes some amount of time to add the actual item to the inventory. I had this happen to me: spawned in, got the "duty fulfilled" message and was sent back home before I managed to even finish the "spawning in" animation. Got the "duty fulfilled" message, never was notified of a Proof being added, checked my inventory to find I still only had 4 Proofs. Switched to Mound-Makers and had a similar issue, but when I checked my inventory found an unexplained 5th Proof. Needs more testing.
Double correction: evidently that only happens some of the time? Very weird interactions, buggy. I swear, From must really hate every covenant except Sunbros.
I've read (forgot where) that if the invader die by hands of another phantom or the host and u didn't even see him (despite of having spawned Successfully into the host world) u don't get rewarded unless u hit a pve enemy in the zone. For what i've experienced i think it's true, but not entirely sure
I see a lot of people complaining about blues. I guess we got a bad rap. I always stick with host and buff the***** out of us. My biggest problem is being summoned to help someone who is already dead. It gets annoying as hell. I'll be summoned once every half hour or so and about 6/10 the host is dead as I load in. Not blaming anyone or anything. Just my personal complaint. Good blues are out there. I guess we're just rare.
the real complaint i have against the police is that most of the times they're not helping poor noobs but joining in with some gankers turning an already ridiculous 4v1 into a 5v1 against some guy that just needs to farm THOSE DAMN VERTEBRA SHACKLES for the damn warmth...
It isn't hosts complaining about blues you *.
"Good blues are out there". HAHAHAHAHA! You're a joke.
"The covenant is identical in function to the Blue Sentinels, with an additional rivalry with the Aldrich Faithful." "Aldrich Faithful or Watchdog of Farron covenant items, do not cause Darkmoons to be summoned." blades of the darkmoon have rivalry with aldrich faithfuls but dont get summoned to fight against them wtf is this
there is one thing that truly strikes fear into blades of the Darkmoon...Silver Knights
Miss SotFS covenants, actual summoning fun... Too bad SM exploded the game
Ive been waiting for 2 hours with the covenent on and havent been summoned. Im sl125. Does anyone know why?
Probably not that many players left. In the last 20 hours of play, I've been summoned 5 or 6 times. It's more of a nice surprise now than a consistent system.