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Hold the door!!
Lord of the rings reference on a dark souls page?
No game of thrones...
God Tier Shield, beat Dancer and Aldrich only using 2h L1
Is there any other viable attack for it?
This is cancer in PVP. I win 75% of the time with it not even upgraded. The problem is the ungodly hitbox... the phantom stagger can stun people at washing pole length and guarantee a hit. I carry a blood bandit knife specifically for people using this weapon (and RKPUGS). With that said, fun to play with, fun to fight against... if you have a good sense of humor. Lol.
Shame this thing becomes available so extremely late in the game, would've been more fun for NG PVE.
There must be a big with this thing, because you NEVER run out of FP with its weapon art. You'll always have 1 left no matter what!