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What is "Overkill Bonus" ?
Overkill happens when you deal more than 150% hp damage to an enemy and it gives you 20% more souls
As a co-op'ing sunbro (sunsis actually), as far as I observed, wearing this ring as a phantom summoned for a boss battle does give the +20% souls at least to me, but in first place I really hope my hosts receive the bonus as well, can anyone check/confirm this?
Sadly the host doesn't get the bonus, only the wearer of the ring. That's what I noticed on ps4 at least
Thanks for the reply, that's too bad :[ ah, at least I can wear the gold serpent ring from time to time so that my random hosts can some get good item drops in certain areas... - op
Is it just me, or does the titanite drop rate increase when I have this equipped? I'm noticing balder knights and darkwraiths drop titanite almost exclusively when I wear this ring. I would expect the gold one to be the ring to use if you titanite farming though, Maybe it's just cause I farm with the silver one, and just notice drops more?
Do you have any humanity active? That increases discovery too