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What is the soft/hard cap for leveling with Hollow weapons?
non really. every ten points in luck you'll get one extra on bleed. but 30 to 40 is where most people stop.
+10 weapon with 35 is the best you’ll get without wasting your stats
I don't like the Luck stat, I mean "Improves item discovery" cmon, just make it fixed.
Makes the game more balanced.
if the game was balanced *******, and retards couldn't say "git gud" while one shoting people, and killing phantoms 3 on one; all while thinking they are actually good.
salty over a useless stat... nice.
There’s no luck scaled miracle catalysts are there?
Only the Man Grub's staff for sorceries
I used to think this was a useless stat. Then I tried farming for Wolf's Blood Swordgrass. You can guess how that went.
Have you heard the tale of Lucky Ted?
*****ing nerds
So is it better to put a hollow gem on the uchigatana for bleed buildup or bleed gem?


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For bleed buildup its better to use a blood gem, but your overall damage suffers a lot. A hollow weapon has good damage, but dont bleed as effectively (you can use carthus rouge though)
cartus rouge, dude the thing bleeds even more than bleed gem, thus hollow one's better
How is 34 bleed compared to 61 or so bleed in terms of how many hits to bleed someone
If they have a bleed meter of 300, you divide it by the bleed per hit, and round up on everything for hits to bleed, provided that the hits are back to back. If you let them get a reprieve, they will lose bleed buildup, which is bad news for you.
Aka, the stat for farmers and soul salesmen.
what a stupid stat