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wow I just died on her by LITERALLY the last spider left while she had like 10 HP. Should I just quit my BB career now?
You'll be fine that happened my first try got her down to 20 hp and no spiders, toke ten try's to beat. Try npc for bait.
The worst part about this boss fight? Trying to find your blood echoes again....
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Easily the worst boss in all of SoulsBorne
Agreed, there is NOTHING fun about this fight. It is just extremely tedious.
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Logarius is way, way worse. I was busy failing at him, so I took a break and killed Rom on my second try without bothering to look at a guide. I probably could have won on my first had I figured out sooner than the spiders take more way more damage from the rear. The fight's pretty fair, with no fininicky parrying or ridiculous hitboxes to worry about.
You know, technically she isn't a spider because she has more than eight legs.
The Nightmare Apostles have 12 legs each.
There's also Quelaag and her sister in Dark Souls 1
Or The Duke's Dear Freja from Ds2
Not to mention that creepy spider thing in the cathedral before the Aldrich fight in Ds3
Don't forget the armored spider in Demon Souls
I know this is a little late but this is what I used for Rom on NG++ Get a fast weapon, but it has to be buffable (I used a +8 Rakuyo wich honestly had low damage but it did just fine) and a strong weapon to kill the spiders in 1 hit (I used Chikage). Kill all the spiders around Rom until she is the only one left. Next, get you fast weapon, eat a Beast-Blood pellet, buff your weapon with bolt papers and spam-attack the ***** out of her. Using this I was able to simply skip phase 2 and went directly to phase 3 with her only having a little bit of health. I she isn't dead, you can play safe killing all the spiders or just rush her. I also used full Choir set so I could focus on killing spiders rather than dodging Rom's attacks.
EDIT: Get your fast weapon* and If she isn't dead*. Sorry for the typos.
Someone I cooperated with killed the Chalice Rom in one hit with Ludwig’s Holy Blade.


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any tips for her? this is my first souls game so i'm not very experienced in terms of making builds and just skill in general. i'm running a Whirligig Saw
Kill the spiders first, Bolt does the best as a buff, Charged R2 will help in getting to interrupt her teleparations, if you want to go aggressive and have a black beastpellet do so since Rom is a very slow boss
You've probably crushed her at this point but I actually avoided the children entirely. Just circling around her and the bbs and running in when there was an opening (never target locked her) and swiping her at an angle. If patient, this boss battle can be generally smooth, but you HAVE to wait for the right openings.
Hit and run tactics for me. Stay outside the spiders, when she signals an attack, find and opening and rush in for two or three swings (I used Ludwig's sword) then get out before she does an aoe or slam attack. Bolt paper works great, use high arcane resistant armor like white church set.
I keep pushing her through multiple teleports argh
I honestly don't understand what FROM has going through their mind when they make bosses like this. It's entirely possible to defeat, but absolutely nothing about this fight is enjoyable. I beat it on my second try after being ass-blasted by about 30 spiders, and although it was pretty easy, it was honestly just a terrible experience. Why would they make a boss like this? Do they not want their players to have fun? Do they think that, if they make something tedious, and annoying, and borderline artificially difficult, that it'll be a good experience for the player? It's honestly confusing, man. The only redeeming factor of this fight was the relief I felt after I beat it; I was glad that I wouldn't have to fight it again. In a game as well-made and enjoyable as Bloodborne, they have to go and contrast the beauty by adding some bull*****like this. Not mentioning the countless enemies that are cheesily placed to jump on you from behind as you go to pick up an item, or trap you in a corner and 3v1 you, or when your character is unable to dodge because you made the mistake of getting stuck on a mis-placed rock, it seems like FROM likes to torture their players with blatantly annoying bull*****that's easily countered by dying, and, after returning to the area, not making the same mistake twice. Sorry for the rant but holy*****, some aspects of the Soulsborne series are absolutely cancerous. I think I need to take a break for a little while, lol.
Nah bro, I enjoyed it. Rom is like an old school video game boss that's very easy to beat strategy-wise, but actually quite difficult to pull off due to the player making small mistakes, getting impatient, etc, etc. Thumbs up for Rom.
Don't blindly run to pick up shiny objects if you know you're going to get ambushed. Know where your corners are. Learn rock placements. Also, stop killing the little spiders. Just focus Room and dodge the little spiders. Killing them is tedious boring.