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On the whole the main issues with this boss is the fact that it has so much HP and it moves around to make it harder for combos. I died once on my first try because I didnt expect the blast from its stomp in rage mode and thought being at 1/2 health was alright, since most of its attacks werent too hard hitting (except the lasers)
Not that hard, but really fun and one of the best boss fights ive ever fought. Thank you capcom
Best boss I ever fought. Intense, powerful, big, beautifully made.
Not that hard of a fight but still really fun -switch axe user
is it base game or DLC?
base game
That depends, are you retarted or just an idiot?
Ironic how the guy calling out someone for being dumb can’t spell dumb
After I beat Xeno'jiva I turned off the TV halfway through the credits. The next day I went to the forge to see what I could do with the loot and I realized that all my rewards had disappeared. I still had the ones I had carved from him and the quest board said I beat him, but I couldn't find the optional quest that lets me fight him again. Now I'm stuck with only a few pieces of him and I can't get any more.
Xeno hunts are like Zorah hunts. They just randomly appear.
Dude who replied this this comment Thanks I was wondering how to fight him again
I hate hem to get any elder dragon weapons maxed you need to kell hem and he’s hit box are dumb he one shot me when the laser wasn’t touching me the heated rich sets you on fire you roll in another one you one fire again oh and he’s a baby so he has a temper tantrum every 5 minute and and hes weak spots are hard to hit and you can’t ride hem so glaves not the good against hem
learn how to english
Fetus Dragon
hunter : (sees xeno) FETUS DELETUS
Damn RNG, it says it's shells are pretty common, yet I have found only 3 after hunting it 17 TIMES.
You sure the gem is that rare? I've only killed the bugger 2 times and I have 5 of them.
Anyone know a way to make the lights on the back armor not so bright? it hurts my eyes
Turn down bloom or brightness?