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I killed everyone...
I had persuasion 6 and I was able to persuade through all the dialogs, helped Gareth kill Alexander (epic fight) and he wasn't glitched. Remember to cast Spirit vision if you decide to kill Alexander to continue with the follow up quest.
so i have a question does anyone know why i alexander left and gareth is dead when i went to the tempel?
1st playthrough, I accidentally found the academy secret entrance before doing anything else on the island. I found Alexander there. After back tracking to the elf camp, the door elf tells me Alexander is chilling there but he wasn't, just a dead Gareth. :(
same here. dead gareth and no alex....what do?


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Same. Quest is broken if you pop into the academy before visiting the elven temple. My quest progress just says "Find Gareth on the island: Gareth said he'd scout alone, but something seems off." Talking to Gareth's ghost with spirit vision doesn't advance the quest, nor does consuming it. Nor does killing Alexandar at the academy. Seems like you just have to end the act with the quest as-is, or reload to an earlier save.
They fixed it. Now Delorus also gives ya around 20.000 EXP
Tried 2 different things in the Definitive Edition in order to max EXP: 1.) Most XP for me so far i) Started talking and persuaded Gareth, didnt finish the talking so (Gareth was convinced on leaving but i had to finish dialog to let him do so) ii) Started a fight against one of the Magisters on the elevated platforms. Resulted in a 4? man fight without Alex, Gareth, Delorus and Magister Roe. (4x20k xp) iii) Won that fight. Switched back into the char who did the talking and let him finish. No aggro for me but the 50k xp for the "not-fighting-Alex" solution iv) After Gareth left i started fight (via dialogue) with Alex resulting in another smaller fight (the rest of the guys + Alex resurrects one but u dont get xp of it v) After 2nd fight was won i used shadow vision and persuaded Alex to help me. Another juicy 140k xp Sum up 1 Version: 120k (6x20k xp, yes Delorus gives 20k) + 50k for "pieceful solution" + 140k via ghost of Alex for a total of: 310k xp (I guess u can just fight them after Gareth left for the same result on xp) 2.) Attack Alex together with ur buddy Gareth i) Results in 120k + 20k for violent quest solution (+a prolly useless item reward of legendary!! (not divine) tier) + 140k from ghost alex Sums up to a total of 280k. Never tried to kill Gareth instead nor letting Alex alive. Baseline: Do plan 1.) cause almost none random legendary is worth 30k.
How to cheese out the Alexander fight: Make one of your teammate start the talking sequence, then start planning for attack, most likely get a ranged unit on top of the other side of the battlefield on a platform to do great overlook job Alexander, that lady with the shield, Delorus and your teammate will remain untargetable during the conversation. Now start the fight by hitting enemies that can be targeted There are 3 of them, because only Alexander and the shield lady is boss grade enemies, the encounter become much more easier. Replenish your health, source point, resummon your pets you can even save your progress and then you can finish the conversation and only fight 3 remaining enemies with all your skill and full HP. The range character on the platform is actually too far away, if enemies come that close they will count as leaving the battle, so no one can touch him/her, only you can shoot them but no one can get near you. You can also pop in and out stealth for Assassination in Huntsman skill as you will be counted as out of the battle once you are not shooting. Greatly increase your damage.