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why doesn't the creators of this website put in mag adjust as one of the stats for catalysts?
Don't know how/if I can edit, but a link to the "Spears" section is missing in the "Weapon Categories" section.
dark soul 1 truly has the best weapon in the series id say. plus you can have a lot of variety when doing pvp.
Even though DS2 sucks, I still think it had the best weapons. Way more options than DS1, and way more creative to boot. Lances? Twinblades? Pure awesome. DS3 had some good newcomers as well, but got rid of the stuff that made DS2 marginally enjoyable.
Also dark souls 2 perfected one thing that no other souls game has. The power stance
id say the best ultra greatsword is the dragon greatsword also i think it is the best weapon enyone know which one actuly is better?
I'm pretty sure the Dragon King Axe is the best weapon in the game damage wise. My favorite weapon though is the Chaneller Trident
The Dragon Greatsword may be fun, but when you level up all other weapons will be a lot more powerful. UNLESS you 2-hand strong attack with it. Even then, A Demon's Great Hammer might deal more damage with a 2-hand strong attack depending on how high your STR is.


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Black Knight Greatsword has higher AR because of its scaling. Smough's Hammer has the highest AR in the game from fully upgraded + scaling at 60 STR (so no buffs like RTSR, Power Within, Magic Weapon, etc.)
does anyone still play this game
yes. On steam alone around 2500 play at once (peak)
I got invaded at the Duke's Archives tonight, in 2017. It was amazing.
Whats a good weapon for an early game strength dex build
Uchigatana, kill the Merchant in Undead Berg to get it.
Gravelord Sword. No contest.

But if you don't want to completely and utterly CRUSH the game, the standard Halberd or the Gargoyle's are also pretty good. You could also go with the basic but fantastic Longsword or the legendary Claymore.
black knight sword not greatsword just regular sword i got mine from the black knight gaurding the blue tear stone ring near the entrance to the taurus demon
Easton Jones is so dumb
Zweihander & Claymore >>>>>>>>>> the rest
Murakumo and Gold Tracer would like to KNOW YOUR LOCATION
no best weapon? chaos zweihander begs to differ