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Simply put, poise just prevents your attacks from being interrupted. The reason for this being a mystery for so long? People were over acclimated to the previous mechanics, and thought it'd apply the same in this game; a psychological glitch resulting from associative memory, and hardwired expectations that result in an inflexible ability to readapt. Previously, it just prevented any flinching regardless of whether you were standing, moving or attacking. And, considering the difficultly of Dark Souls, it was very important to memorize small mechanics to the point of instinct. Naturally, still packing the Havel's myself for the poise. But also making sure to not just stand still. Remember, only when your weapon starts swinging forward will it activate. And even then, it may be broken if a sufficiently powerful weapon hits.
Reason why poise was better in previous game (DS1 for most part) is that it prevented from getting stunlocked to death and allowed for more aggressive play, allowed to take risk like attempting a parry with out getting stunlocked immediately. What they should have done is limited the max poise on armor and add more defense for heavy armor to compensate the lost poise.
That's not what associative memory is.
I feel like it would have been better if like. Getting hit by a super big weapon wouldn’t ALWAYS ensure a second hit. It really puts the entire game in favor of STR builds, since most DEX weapons can’t hold another player still for more than a single hit (except Farron GS or Carthus Curved GS, but those are still heavy weapons). Just once, I want to have fun with a weapon like the Crow Talons or maybe even a whip, but their short range coupled with their low stagger really reduces the odds of success against a longer ranged ultra. Balanced, my ***.
Dex is for ******
so using those smaller weapons straight sword whip etc you just move quickly attack and dogde poke and retreat high strenght builds with large weapons need to put themselves in danger to trade so you hit them once with your faster weapon then dodge away rinse and repeat it is more difficult to actually do in game but it is doable plus big weapons have recovery frames which are good opportunities for backstabs you have obviously not played enough to understand all the mechanics and timings and being hit by an ultra greatsword does not always guarantee two hits most of the time it does but not always
I think i actually knows why miyazaki nerfed ds3 poise. I mean, just imagine havels running with dark sword plus real poise, this would outdamage any kind of ugs/magic and plop
Then nerf the dark sword instead. It doesn't even matter though because with all of the points you'd have to put into vitality you'd have to suffer with low health/ stamina or attack power. Then get rid of the 3 roll speed system so that fat rolls were as slow as fat rolls in dark souls 1. Bam I just balanced this game.
DS1 poise was a mess people just don't want to admit it. DS3 balanced the system as best as possible.
I wish poise was something more people actually understood. In DS3, poise acts to increase your ability to continue through your combo via hyper armor. So an example, if I'm using the Greatsword and I'm walking through one of its many combos and my opponents start hitting me with a sword, my poise determines how many of those hits it takes for my guy to stop walking through the combo. This is absolutely ESSENTIAL for strength builds. I always cosplay as Guts from Berserk and using the greatsword is impossible without a decent amount of poise, with my armor (which is fashion souls) and wolf ring +3, I can hyper armor through my combo against almost all PvP opponent's and most bosses. Invasions become a piece of cake when you know what to do with those hyper armor frames and the threshold it takes to plow through them.
My great hammer with the Dragonslayer set and the wolf ring +3 could easily counter that
Giant Dad wouldy cry
40+ poise and using a weapon that not only many claim has hyperarmor but also Perseverance. Still staggered in any and all attack animations for the weapon. And if you are curious as to what weapon it is vordt's greathammer. And yes before coming here to post about poise just not working i checked through forums and many of them claim that vordt's greathammer has hyperarmor and according to this page itself greathammers are among things with active poise but i sure as hell don't notice a difference wether my poise is 40+ or 10 and under while using weapons claiming to have active poise here and in the comments.
Were you 2-handing? It doesn't check for 1-handed attacks.



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So in TLDR, poise only works when you aren't getting hit? Lol
Let me correct you: TL;DR only hyper armor activates poise.
TL;DR - only Hyper Armor activates Poise. That means if you're performing actions that have 0 hyper armor, you will get staggered no matter what you do. Hyper Armor is the***** that turns Poise ON. It's not like DS1 Poise that just made you less likely to be staggered by default. In DS3, you need to use your actions with hyper armor frames in order to make that poise do it's job. Besides, the in-game poise stat just refers to reduced poise damage received (percentage %) so if you have 35.4 poise it means 35.4% reduced poise damage received, which means, while you have hyper armor and you're trading hits with your opponent, it's very likely the one with less poise is the one that it's going to get interrupted/staggered first since it's getting his "poise health" hidden bar destroyed much faster. But there is still a couple of stuff that needs more testing...