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That feel when you use WA more than standard attack.
Ringed Knight weapons are the best weapons imo , M2 hack and slash you are welcome

Do not invest in Int or Faith with this weapon.
Is it me or does this weapon feel slower than the Partizan?
It belongs to Pikes weapon class, not Spears. So yeah, it is slower than any spear
Havel twink detected. Parry that L2 for days.
Staged and faked lol
Nice. Another Dlc weapon that makes every other spear useless. Either you parry or you lose against this spear.
Just roll a bunch dude
People are saying that this weapon sucks because it is easily parriable. Yes that is true. It weapon arT is fairly easy to parry. But honestly that is a good thing. It balances the weapon. Its WA does insane damage and if it were not parriable then it would be too over powered. Its damage comes at a risk. You have to be careful with the WA. It has an upside and a downside like everyone weapon should in the game. So no its not crappy or overpowered it is faurly balanced.
Tips on using the weapon: While buffed, the range on all of these attacks are extended: R2s, Jumping attacks, Rolling attacks, and Running attacks. The WA combos into one more hit of the WA, meaning if you hit the first, you will hit the second, but not the third. If you miss the first and hit the second, then you will be able to hit with the third. {How to counter parry kings:} Use WA, and unlock your character and move in a different direction at the last moment, stabbing the ground a good distance away. Then re-lock, and hit them with the remaining two phases of the WA. Keep in mind that the last hit of the weaponart causes fire to erupt from the ground, dealing roughly double the damage of all the other hits.
Jesus ive been using this for quite a while and it seems everything bigger than a straight sword can hyperarmor through the WA, and anything thats like a greatsword can instantly knock you out of the WA