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meridian hammer, really this is what it feels like
Is it good for dex builds? Says here it gets an A when sharp-infused.
It is. Buff it with a resin and you have a weapon that's as good as any UGS. Not to mention, the weapon art hast good poise when timed correctly for trades and the Leo Ring acts like steroids when using this.
At 35 str/40 dex the refined does a little less damage than the sharp.. so probably better to be used by pure dex or pure str builds cause of the A scaling..?? But anyway it doesn't make that much difference in damage. It's good anyway because of other things like range, moveset and the fact that you can trade with leo ring cause of the thrust damage.
By the way, despite dealing thrust damage, it can easily knock down the annoying grave wardens and skeletons in catacombs of carthus and allow for easy effortless kills. Just care not to fight them in tight spots and narrow corridors cause it will bounce off the walls. The only enemies that gave me trouble using this weapon so far are the pus of man but that's to be expected since they are mostly weak to fire. Also, it is a little bit tricky when trying to hit a lizard that's standing next to a wall or fast unpredictable enemies like wolves and dogs.
I've won a fair amount of pvp matches with this weapon that I didn't deserve to win just because many players often seem to underestimate it. The weapon art into the R2 combo can deal massive damage even when it's not buffed. In cases that we're both around half hp it can end a fight simply like that. I m not experienced with halberds and spears in this game. I ve only used lucerne and the javelin for its fun WA but I love this weapon and the fact that you can find it in the first area.
I have a new found love for this weapon. Now im into invasions alot more than duels, and this thing really under performs in fights were im fighting multiple people, so its usually my go to if on the off chance i invade a solo host. Or, rarer yet, if the host stands and fights rather than flee to resummon after i kill his phantoms, I will definitely switch to lucy. It's so damn good in 1v1s. It can outspace 95% of weapons with ease, and since your dealing all trust damage, you can throw on the leo ring for big counter damage. R1+R2+R1 is a true combo, which deals very nice damage. In conclusion, an incredible weapon for 1v1s that im surprised you don't see being used more often in fight clubs and duels, but rather terrible for dealing with multiple people.



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You probably meant R1 L2 R1 combo
Keep in mind that this is a DEX weapon. It works best if you infuse it with sharp, and go to 15/40 or 15/70 if you have the stats. It's slightly lower than average damage is compensated for by it's thrust damage type, great WA, and amazing fashion with Alva's chestpiece.
does anyone have a spare one? i'm using this on my pyro and I woul like to have a second one which I can infuse with dark before I get to new game. I'd put my red sign down where the lucerne can be looted, password as soon as someone agrees. I would offer boss souls and normal souls.
ps. I'm on pc xD
You arent able to drop souls for other people to pick up.
Yes you can. How do you think people dupe up to full stacks of Great Champion souls?
a niche weapon that's damage is far overshadowed by all other halberd type weapons, but since its entire moveset is thrust you will occasionally just take half+ of somebodies hp if they try to trade with you which is nice. sadly its a dex weapon, so there isnt much room for it in trading builds. It feels like it has less hyper armor then other swashy halberds but they are supposed to have the same.
This weapon is my favorite, bar none. Pair it with a Leo ring for disgusting damage. It looks so unassuming so people constantly underestimate its power. I once did a 700+ damage counter hit R1 against a back stepping mage (trying to meme me with CSM). I love it <3
Also, it’s unparriable weapon art with decent hyper armor has gotten me out of many a jam