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Was my weapon of choice in ds1, is my weapon of choice now. Thrusting damage on a hammer and gets to keep the moveset.



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Good damage and speed, good range, rollcatches, has hyperarmour, can do counterattacks. I wish it had perseverance, but it is still close to be perfect
This thing is the bane of all shields. Seriously. Put an elemental infusion on it (dark, crystal, lightning) on top of the pierce damage it also has elemental damage piercing. So you could do up to 200-400 damage with two R1s THROUGH a shield. I always keep this as a backup for that purpose. Sure other things have good piercing, but this has good hyper armor on top of that.
I know this is suppose to be about the warpick, but could you imagine if they would have gave us like a ball and chain weapon? Or a big flail? What that would have been like? lol....
This weapon is actually better than the mace on a STR build, and also works excellently on a DEX build. The only downside of using this instead of a Mace (for STR), is that it's WA is Galvanize, and it Does thrust damage (which is actually better a lot of the time, when combined with the amazing hyperarmor on this weapon).