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Hero of Spring - Flesh Sacrifice Hero of Summer - Sorcerer's ring - Fire Slug Hero of Autumn - Rain Vaporize - Dazzling Bolt Hero of Winter - Rain - Global Cooling
There's combat. Four L14 elves spawn, each immune to their respective elements, and with evade/fortify/favorable wind on them. They one-shot my L12 mage in pink gear, and nearly did the same with my ranger. So be ready.
Didn't get a phoenix heart from this. Did get a chest with some trashy armor items
It's on top of the brazier not in chest
Phoenix Heart....Weeeeeak!
dont mean to brag, but activating the 4 seasons was the hard part, the fight was like flicking dust off my shoulder, im doin honor mode i am also the man im the greatest of all timeee!, SHUT UP STOP YELLING AT ME! lol jokes
hahaha your autism is showing!
you can create any surface with dimensional bolt, so winter and spring can be done like that, the others require clouds so dimensional bolt + vaporize should solve all of them with enough patience
Jump up on the platform and it was incredibly easy



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This fight was a serious pain.
I got totally trashed in this fight. I didn't have the will to even try it again. Worst fight ever.
They hit HARD but they're very vulnerable to CC if you can bring some magic damage. I wouldn't touch this until level 13 or you're liable to get smashed early. I used a mage with torturer to entangle the rogue and warrior and from there it was easy to burn down the two archers. Just don't let the mace-wielder hit you and you should be OK (it two or three-shotted my warrior who has a few level 15 armor pieces and 1400 hp).
I managed it with two characters by playing ranged and drawing them into my reactive circle and a lot of teleporting. It was a fun fight