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i wanna make an lightening arrow build, wich chime or talisman is the best for this
So far that I've seen the best is the sunlight talisman
Sunlight Talisman actually has one of the lowest damage outputs. Since Lightning Arrow doesn't get a melee bonus, I'd suggest Yorshka's chime.
For those people still wondering:
Talismans are the best catalysts for PvP spells. Their weapon arts will cast the spell and grand you hyperarmor for a fixed minor amount of FP.

Not all talismans offer the same damage and hyper armor, however the Canvas Talisman is the best choice since it's the most well-rounded in terms of hyperarmor and spellbuff.

DO NOT use talismans for buffing, healing or ranged miracles. Yorshka's Chime is WAY better for that. The only selling point of the talismans is their weapon art that allows you to trade even with greatsword users in MELEE range.

Talismans​ can actually be quite good for heals as well, since it prevents the heal from being interrupted at range. One should still be wary of backstabs, though.
VERY useful tips: faith can be played as a super buff character, a support character or a heavy tank/nuke character there are of course in betweens. If you are not a tank/nuke chatacter i suggest going to the chime section. I have made some testing to conclude that for talismans poise wise sunlight>regular>canvas this was tested against the hollows outside firelink shrine using the heal spells since they can be held for as much as you like before casting. Anw sunlight tanks 8 hits. Regular talisman tanks 6 hits while canvas tanks 4 hits and at 45 faith for +10 catalysts testing on the big chainsaw guy in the undead settlement at the dilapidated bridge bonfire: sunlight spear does 672 up close using regular talisman 671 using canvas and 600 using sunlight. Note that for the sunlight spear tge extra melee hitbox is worth 67% of the original spells dmg if anyone is wondering so to conclude canvas has equal dmg to regular but has less poise while sunlight has outstanding poise but the other talismans do about 10% more dmg so eotger choose regular talisman or sunlight depending on preference please not this test was done in ng++ with absolutely not buff from rings any other spells. I hope this helps



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Wish you would've included the saint's talisman since it has the highest spell buff at 40 faith but yeah this was good.
Must've missed the guy with the chainsaw
Best talisman for 45 faith? Currently, I'm using a maxed canvas talisman but I want to know if there are better options.
With 45 intellect the best is sunless talisman with a spell buff of 250
45 faith, Sunlight Talisman is your best bet. It's got B in scaling, so it fits well with not quite maxed out faith, and it's got the highest spellbuff you're gonna get from a B scaling talisman.
The Sunless Talisman's spell buff is only 250 for dark spells.
I have 21 faith but i am going for 45 From now becuase ive upgraded evrything else.
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See you guys, Clerics use sacred chimes and HERalds use talismans It evens out