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People, people don't ask what best, at least you could try to read the description of the chimes and talismans... The best is yorshkas chime+5 at 60 fth
For normal not dark
What chime/talisman is best for dark miracle and magic?
I go with the crystal chime, as it can do miracles and sorceries, and since it scales with both int and fth, it's good for dark miracles like the scythe spell you get from aldritch, my faith is 43 rn and the chime makes this normally mediocre miracle work wonders
The 3 STR requirement is a pain in the ***
And they had to go 4 for SCoF. smh screwed my minmax
I hacked to give my self 0 strength so I could maximize my fugs build then decided to use some buffs but there was that requirement.
whats the best chime/talisman for my build, im running sunlight spear, lightning storm, soothing sunlight, dhorys gnawing, and lightning blade


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If you want to be able to cast miracles without getting interrupted, use the sunlight talisman WA because it has the best poise. If you're looking for the best spellbuff on your lightning blade try Yorshka's Chime.
What chime/talisman has the fastest casting time, and when will I start to notice faster casting when upping my dex
It's is a bit late to reply but the saint tree belvine is extremely fast.
Ok I need a discussion on the Yorshka and Flilianore chime. Eshketit