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The made he so annoying he’s weak spots are hard to get he’s hard or than teostra he rarely drops tallfang and scalps and he’s wepeons are amazing so you haft to fight hem
five dolla
Can't tell if illiterate or just dumb?
>Can’t tell if illiterate or dumb Clearly both
He's pretty much like Anjanath, but on steroids. He rages just like Anjanath. But his moves a different. Not majorly different. But you can predict them just the same way if you were fighting Anjanath. The time between his moves is pretty much one second to none during rage mode. Hella OP. Using a Bow made it so much easier to take him down. And hell no, he's not harder than Teostra. Teostra has a one hit kill move just like every other Elder Dragon. He doesn't. He's just annoying when he's in rage mode. But when he gets exhausted, he stays exhausted for quite a bit. So that's also a really excellent time to dish out damage.
First problem here, just beacause Uragaan is fought after Radobaan doen't mean that Uragaan is a clone, same problem with Lavasioth and Jyuratodus. Deviljho is not a Anjanath clone. Second, I barely made the cut to experience jho and I was also around Nergigante, Jho hits harder than Nerg, his sweeping jaws have as much range as black diablos's horn sweep and most of jhos attacks can swerve before or during attacking. He is a bigger challenge for people than most elder dragon fights, screw the tail sweep. and for the cherry on this soon to be devoured cake, tremors. *slaps jho* this baby gives so many tremors you not be needing to stand up. i mean seriously, he causes so many tremors that it would make a tetsucabra faint.
Being as I went from pounding the snot out of tempered elder dragons thinking "Jeez, there's gotta be a harder end game than this" to coming crawling here hoping there was something I wasn't understanding that might make fighting tempered deviljo easier because I was barely sliding by doing the event, yes, deviljo is a hell of a lot harder. Hell, with a proper bow setup can destroy any elder dragon, especially teostra, in less than 2 minutes each; there's videos of it being done. Meanwhile, deviljo is virtually impossible to deal damage to. You can barely reach his weak spots (and standing next to his head is suicidal) and If you're close enough to be within range to use a bow, you're close enough for him to use something like his body check that may as well sweep the entire area. You get hit, especially enraged, unlike most other monsters in the game he doesn't give you a breather to run away and heal, he's always on top of you and his attacks cover so much area you often have no hope of getting away. Maybe lance users would find it easier since they're used to blocking instead of trying to avoid, but idk. So don't give me that "deviljo isn't harder than teostra" crap. Teostra is a sad little flimsy lion thing who has one whole easily avoided/canceled move that can catch people. Deviljo is...well, the devil. Hint's in the name.
From running "relish the moment" more times than I care to say and becoming reasonably efficient, some notes: When he's enraged every weak point except his head reverses. Basically when not enraged the area on his stomach up around his stupid little devil hands are the only point on his body that ISN'T weak. If he's enraged (which is often) it becomes the only weak point besides his head. Also note that if you counter hit one of his counter hits (where after you hit him he recoils and transfers into an attack) he'll just topple over. So like tackle with a GS, or I guess counter with a long sword if you like terrible weapons. If he picks up some wandering dodogama or whatever to beat you with you can just flash him and he'll drop it. His dragon breath doesn't explode barrel bombs, so you can get a fair bit of free damage while he's enraged by just dropping bombs and waiting for him to run into them then crafting more and repeating. He'll attack from within net traps using either a straight dragon breath or a sweep. They only target his front, although that's also where his enraged weak spots are, so it's troublesome. He's really only especially tough when enraged, but at that point if you wait he'll tire himself out. Problem is he becomes re-enraged rather easily, so unless you feel like going on a 40 minute mission where you spend 90% of it running around in circles like a clown, you're going to have to fight him enraged. I just figured I'd mention all that since this wiki page of facts and strategies seems a little devoid of facts and strategies.
Is he easier in mhw? I never played any of the prior games but I’d heard about his difficulty from friends and memes. Based on everything I knew about him, the first time I saw him I just hid. Decided to actually go after him a few days later and got him without much trouble first try. He smacked me around at first, sure, but 20 minutes later he was dead. Hardest part was just searching the areas for him. As I said, I’m by no means a veteran of the series but he just felt like a joke. Is he considerably harder in the earlier games?
Against a decent chunk of weapons, and at the tier of play you first meet him at, he's very hard. Especially since the first few times you meet him, is while you're hunting other things. So it's not that he's hard so much, but that trying to deal with him, at the same time as other monsters, while he's not your focus, is. It's also partially a physiological view of him as being hard, that makes him hard. As, again, the first few times you meet him as while on hunts for other monster, and no matter what it is you're up against- he'll grab it and rip it apart like it's several tiers below him. You're in there fighting stuff that requires a decent amount of thought to not die against, and he bursts in there and smashes them like they're cannon fodder. He will, literally, pick up the monster it is that you're fighting, and throw it at you out of spite. Unlike other monsters, he does not back down very easily. His stamina feels way higher then that of any other creature, and his rage sessions seem limitless sometimes. He could be on deaths door step, but you'd be under the impression that you haven't even made a dent in his health. There are other monsters after him that'll do that too, but he's the first and most uncaring of them. In conclusion- He is a, very, angry pickle.
Noob to the series, also I usually play duo so usually monsters are "harder" in the sense that they have more health per person when playing duo, but IMO what I think makes him difficult is when you don't respect his cooldowns between attacks, and with two people he juggles between targets so often with tackles and tail sweeps that it's pretty obnoxious. Otherwise I think he'd probably be easier solo so he'd stop using charging attacks to hit other people further away, which as a melee user gets pretty obnoxious since you lose dps constantly running to catch up to this pickle.
Deviljho and Pink Rathian are both way harder in MH4U
Bow main here. Which overall element would be more effective against him? Thunder or Dragon.(Haven't fought him yet, but going to)
Worry more about physical damage then element
well obv the bow you got and does the most damage (3star elem + raw balance), for example i got R8 Kulve Thunder last night (470 thunder) so this will be perfect. if you don't have that, kadachi bow should be fine too.
1816.60 is my smallest deviljo, so the size might be off
i captured deviljho but can't find him sleeping astera? is this a bug?
if you havent done the food chain dominator quest, he wont appear in the astera after you capture him
check the bed in your room
I found without even trying and tried hiting him but ended dead 2 seconds later.
if you slay a large monster, and stay around it's carcass, the deviljho will show up and eat it. after you carve, leave the area!!!!!!
the first time I saw that... dear god... Deviljho: YOUR NEXT Me: RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIVES AHHHH