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So many weapons, yet so many share the same moveset & so many r trash! Nuff said.
I think ur just mad cuz ur bad
This game is boring , why do you play it ?

love ,Charles.
I'm pretty sure that was a joke because if you did not love this game you would not be on this site.
I kinda agree. It gets boring at points. Mainly when im trying to farm equipment to complete my colection. Im lookig at you black knight gloves. 50+ attempts and i havent gotten them
I agree with commenter 17 may 2018 this guy is probably trying to see how many dislikes one comment can get.
RIP ds3!
loser... if you don't like the game why are you commenting so much?
Wrong guy... idiot!
broken straight sword is the best weapon
Yes It Is
Handmaid's Dagger is also pretty good
Scholar's Candlestick is also meta
Hey someone make me a build and i will use it don't give me stats just weapons armor and rings please.
P.S. you can put in magic too.
Sorcerer starting class (dont level up at all)
Broken refined parrying dagger
Calamity ring
Lightning clutch
Fire clutch
Dark clutch
Wear symbol of avarice as only armor
Pestilent mercury
And cast every 30 seconds this spell on yourself
Right hand Eleonora, offhand crossbow of your choice, complete armor of favor, miracle any Form of lightning Spear, Rings: Ring of favor, Ring of the suns firstborne, mornes ring, Red tearstone ring
nned heavy crowbow to complete



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The easiest way to farm for this item is to equip any bow, but preferably one with decent range; start from Rosaria's Bedchamber bonfire, run past the mangrubs, kill the mangrub mage next to the lever or he'll shoot at you, walk about 3/4 across the bridge that patches then turn and face the direction you came from. From this position, look up and to the right, the knight that drops the crossbow should be visible behind the edge of the chandelier; shoot him in the head, he'll fall off, and if you can see an item drop jump down and grab it, the silver cat ring is a good idea for this, as it's a very painful drop and you're probably wearing symbol of avarice..