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whoever made these can go get ass-cancer and die in a fire
when they attack with the branding iron they pretty much can interrupt any action you do.... this is BS
I read an interesting theory on reddit that there may have been an uprising in the jail and some may have stolen jailer garb in an attempt at a prison break. They pointed out that the “jailers” by the giants carry crossbows/different swords and lack any sort of special attack like both the ones in profaned capital and the health drain ones. I doubt we will ever know but I found it interesting and had never thought about it all the times I had been down there
There is also a "jailbreaker key" and a pickaxe near a broken sewer grate that seem to support this.
you can use gestures likes "curl up" and "prostration" to avoid their branding iron pokes
Stupid *****ing enemy with broken hitboxes and stupid mechanic... especcialy when they are in group.. Just drain ur health AND *****ING DEBUFING U just by looking at u and can attack when do it... Actually one of the worst enemy in all RPGs i ever played..
If you know they drain health, and kill you easily once that happens, why would you fight a whole group of them at once? Don't blame a poor strategy on the game! Separate them, and destroy them easily.
No dude, its a pretty broken enemy. As long as you're in line of sight of one you're basically F-cked. Only way to counter is with a bow from a distance or magic because they can drain your health in like 3 sec. One hit from anything and you're dead. There's a part in the dungeon with like 10 of them, basically had to cheese it. That's not fun. Could you imagine if they could kill you completely by doing that?
oh wonderful! an enemy that deals damage by just LOOKING at me! thats so fair and balanced!
and they die so easy.....
So much salt in the comments lol. I think they work well based on the situation. The dungeon was made to give off a creepy, unsettling Latria vibe and the Jailers compliment the level design perfectly.



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Why is this in the NPC section lol.