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Since these weapons, as well as the Maelstrom Weapons and the Master Weapons, are now sets is it viable to add enchants like Spell Damage and Fire Damage to these, or would it still cancel the effects?
can i pass one of this weapons ??? i am not sure
agilty gives 1.4k stamina and almost 200wd(3pc)-any set on body(5pc)-any monster set(2pc)-1 asylum weapon(2pc) why would i do this *****ing***** stat build when i can go for 2-5-5 even back and front bar builds are***** with asylum msa or dsa weapons...zos noticed this and added 1 and 2pc bonus on new arena weapons,u get 1piece bonus(like penetration or wd) but they dont do anything about old***** weapons gg zos
two hand BiS